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07.06.2012 General News

DKB Is Sorry For Slapping Zainab

By Daily Graphic
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Derick Kobina Bonney - Wishes he could undo what he has done.Comedian Derick Kobina Bonney popularly known as DKB who was disqualified from the seventh edition of Big Brother Africa (StarGame) reality show for slapping fellow Serra Leonean housemate Zainab has rendered an unqualified apology for his action.

The Ghanaian arrived in Ghana Wednesday after going through counseling and physiological treatment in South Africa and is expected to continue the treatment in Ghana.

A confrontation ensued Monday when DKB was taking a shower and Zainab apparently opened the door to take a peep at him several times.

According to the Ghanaian, the sexy housemate failed to show remorse for her actions and rather attempted to attack him which infuriated him and he consequently slapped her.

Big Brother disqualified the two on the basis of what organisers of the 91-day reality show, MNet and Endemol, described as violence that contravened the rules of the game.

In the statement, DKB said, “Lovely people of Africa, there are many things I wish I could do to reverse this unfortunate incident but as we all know, one cannot go back in time. I had the opportunity of a lifetime to entertain Africa on the most coveted platform but I messed it up due to my act of indiscipline.”

“I hereby render my deepest heartfelt apology to all the people of Africa, to the people of my motherland Ghana, to the entire Big Brother Africa team, my cherished housemates and most importantly to Zainab and her family,” he added.

DKB did not mince words in accepting responsibility for the action: “I am fully and solely responsible for my actions and I under no circumstance justify hitting a woman no matter the level of provocation.”

The remorseful comedian thanked viewers, fans and critics for their support adding, “I am truly sorry for letting you down and I promise that I would never repeat such unscrupulous behavior. This is my sincere apology and I hope it is accepted.”

DKB and Mildred popularly known as Eazzy who was also evicted from the show on Sunday are expected to address the media on Friday at the Golden Tulip Hotel in Accra.

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