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FONKAR Disbanded

The True Statesman
2 March 2012 | NDC News

The friends of Nana Konadu Agyeman-Rawlings (FONKAR) has with immediate dissolved the group in the supreme interest of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC), ahead of the December polls.

The group said that factionalism within the party is not healthy adventure for the NDC, especially as election 2012 approaches.

It stated “As we need unity in the NDC party towards victory 2012, the founder/president, the founding members and the delegates resolve to disband FONKAR. This is the time for togetherness and it is not anybody's interest to weaken the party.”

A communiqué issued at its extraordinary meeting, reiterated FONKAR's commitment to the NDC by urging all factions within the party to close ranks.

Below is the full communiqué issued by the group:
The Friends of Nana Konadu Agyeman-Rawlings (FONKAR) at its extraordinary emergency meeting on 18th February, 2012 held at Biriwa Down Town in the Central Region of Ghana, the Founder, the Founding Members and the delegates from all the regions unanimously resolved on consensus that FONKAR is dissolved and from today shall cease to exist in the greater interest of the party. The delegates considered and agreed that this will provide a superiour strength, cohesion and commitment of all party members towards 2012 elections victory for the NDC party. Divisions within the party will not be in the interest of anybody and as such we must start working towards a united party for election 2012.

The meeting noted that, Seven months after the congress it appears we still have a lot to do in our quest to retain power in 2012 general elections and that we must start working towards it.

It was also observed that there appears to be some degree of intolerance which does not augur well for healthy relationship in our party but it is always healthy to disagree to agree. After all as a social democratic party we appreciate the importance and the relevance of the unity and struggle of the opposites for both quantitative and qualitative development.

It is to these that we adhere to these principles of team work for the common good of the party and the nation and not to be seen diametrically opposed to one another.

We also observed that it is not healthy for the present and the future members to disrespect the founder and the leader of the party. This seriously undermines discipline and therefore prayed that we should spare no effort to correct our ways and language and to accord respect and dignity to the Founder, H.E. Flt. Lt. Jerry John Rawlings and the leader of the party H.E. John Evans Atta Mills.


There is no dispute over President Rawlings' monumental accomplishments to this country. His achievements are tangible and indelible and can never be washed away by his detractors' mischief or contempt for him. His strength in the NDC cannot be underestimated. We will therefore spur no effort to set the records straight with regards to the achievements and legacy of H.E. Flt. Lt. Rawlings and defend him with truth.

President Rawlings and President Atta Mills are the bedrock of the party and we owe it a duty to generations unborn to work together in the interest of peace.

Meanwhile, our commitment to the principles and ideals of the NDC remains unquestionable. In the light of the election of President Mills at the Sunyani Congress as Flagbearer of the party, we urge all to close ranks and support the party in 2012 elections cost effectively with a landslide victory.

As we need unity in the NDC party towards victory 2012, the Founder/President, the Founding Members and the delegates resolved to disband FONKAR. This is the time for togetherness and is not in anybody's interest to weaken the party. As much as we disagree with some of the decisions and style of the executives of the party and the leadership of the government, the time has come for us to be brothers again, and stop shouting at one another.

All members and sympathisers of the ruling party must extend a hand of brotherhood and strive for an NDC where all members are brothers again.

Long Live NDC
Long Live H.E Jerry John Rawlings
Long Live H.E John Evans Atta Mills
Long Live Peaceful Ghana.


1. Ransford Chatman Vanni-Amoah (Founder/President – FONKAR)

2. David Forthgill Bentill – Founding Member
3. Emmanuel Kankam – Founding Member
4. Amanda Oppong – Founding Member
5. Emmanuel Omanyi Anaman – Founding Member
6. Stella Oduro – Founding Member
7. Diana Oduro – Founding Member

The True Statesman

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