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28.02.2012 Press Release


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We the canoe owners of Elmina were disturbed and surprised when our chief fisherman, Nana Ackonu was heard on Hot Fm on Wednesday, 22nd February, 2012 claiming that all is well with the fishermen of Elmina which on the contrary do not reflect the realities on the ground. In his claim, it was reported that he held a press conference but the question is where and when was this said press conference held?

The chief fisherman, Nana Ackonu, raised the issue of outboard motor (ahead), saying that outboard motors are now available and at a reasonable price. His statements suggested that, the prices of outboard motors are now cheaper than before. The statement also suggested that outboard motors are available and therefore fishermen can get some to buy anytime, anywhere. The question we the canoe owners of Elmina are asking the chief fishermen is that, when one purchased an outboard motor in 2008 at the cost GHc 2,950(c29.5m) and now buys it at the cost of GHc7.600, do you consider this as a relief to fishermen? Also it is pertinent to note that since 2010 there has never been an outboard motor available to fishermen from the government source. The chief fisherman also created an impression that fishermen in Elmina had never lacked premix fuel for their operations since this government assumed office. He made it looked as if premix fuel is in abundance. We would like the whole world to know that this assertion is false. It would interest Ghanaians to know that even the few tankers of premix supplied to the fishermen of Elmina are shared among some illegal premix outlets apart from the legally mandated premix outlets coupled with the illegal pricing of the premix fuel per gallon.

A gallon of premix fuel was supposed to be sold at an official price of GH c 2.48. However, it is now selling at GHc 2.7. Surprisingly, the National Premix Committee is fully aware of these illegalities, yet they have turned a deaf ear to them. Is this what our chief fisherman calls comfort?

Moreover, the chief fisherman raised the issue of FISHING MARKET which the government has promised to build for the people of Elmina. We are therefore asking when this promise was made by the government to the people of Elmina. We know the government after promising the people of K.E.E.A fishing harbour, in their 2009; 2010; 2011 and 2012 budget statements has long forgotten about this said promise and now the chief fisherman in Elmina is claiming that the government has promised us a fishing market. We are therefore asking whether the actual project is a fishing habour or a fishing market.

Nana Ackonu, the chief fisherman and his other speakers in their statements on Hot fm also said that the previous premix committee was not accountable to the fishermen of Elmina. This is also a blatant lie. The previous premix committee headed by Nana Badu did account to the fishermen of Elmina. Also they undertook numerous projects. Teacher Cantah was then the chairman of the disbursement committee that took charge of such initiatives

. Some of the projects the previous premix committee undertook included the ff.

1. Fencing of the Benya shrine of which Kobina Badu (Maanoma) who is a member of the current National Premix Committee was the contractor

2. Distribution of school bags to children of fishermen.

3. Distribution of school uniforms to children of fishermen.

4. Donation of 50 bags of cement for the construction of the Omanehene's palace.

5. Organization of teachers' award.
6. Award of scholarships and bursaries to some children of fishermen.

7. Release of GHC5,000 (50,000,000) to buy nets for fishermen.

Now there are few questions begging for answers.
1. How come we the fishermen are not aware of the day, time and venue for the so called press conference the chief fisherman is claiming to have held to honour the president?

2. Is there another conspiracy to aid in the siphoning of the premix account as it has been the case?

3. Is there a further conspiracy to conceal mismanagement of the premix account for the people of Elmina?

The answers to these questions will determine whether some people in the fishing industry are being used or not. We therefore challenge our honourable chief fisherman to come clear on these issues.

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Kobina Badu Texas

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Paa Kow Thinker Nana Badu

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