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17.01.2011 Business & Finance

Bizz'up natural drink launched

By Ghanaian Chronicle
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Zaanal Africa International Limited, dealers in Voacanga & Griffonia seeds, general importers and exporters, over the weekend launched Bizz'up drink, amid high profile pageantry in Accra.

Unlike other energy drinks, Bizz'up, a German product, is 100% natural hibiscus health drink that has no synthetic materials and caffeine, and it an alternative to energy drinks.

Speaking at the launch, Farouk Al Wahab, the Managing Director of Zaanal, West African agents of Bizz'up, pointed out that his outfit has conducted intensive survey in the sampling process, and can testify that the product has what it takes to penetrate the energy drink market.

The CEO of Bizz'up, Andreas Marz noted that Bizz'up is a product powered by nature, and stands on its own by way of standards.

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