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03.02.2010 PNC News

Bear with us, Ramadan appeals to PNC functionaries

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Bear with us, Ramadan appeals to PNC functionaries

February 02, 2010
Sunyani (BA), Feb. 2, GNA - Alhaji Ramadan, National Chairman of the People's National Convention (PNC), on Tuesday appealed to constituency executives and former party parliamentary aspirants to bear with the party's leadership, understand its predicaments and make do with its meagre resources.

He said the party was beset with organizational, financial and logistical problems so it was important its members tried to bear with them and not to criticize the leadership and draw uninformed comparisons between the PNC and the two leading parties in the country since they had tasted power.

The National Chairman was speaking at a workshop jointly organized by the Netherlands Institute for Multi-party Democracy, the Institute of Economic Affairs and the PNC. It attracted constituency executives and former aspiring candidates of the party from selected parts of the region.

It was aimed at enhancing the capacity of the party executives and the operatives to build strong party structures at the constituency levels and grassroots mobilization of supporters.

The National Chairman asked them to follow laid down and proper administrative procedure in addressing their grievances and encouraged them to contribute their quota to the party by supporting it financially, win more people for the party and also be guided by the party tenets.

Mr. Mohammed Atik, a member of the party, said grassroots mobilization of supporters would enhance its visibility through the expansion of its support base.

He stated that grassroots mobilization would make campaign easier during elections, ensure effective monitoring and supervision during elections as well as guaranteeing an increase in capacity representation.

Professor Kumi Ansah Koi, a Political Scientist at the University of Ghana and a party member, stated that the success of a political party mainly depended on proper plans and how well it organized its structures and not on availability of funds.

"Without proper planning, they should forget about the party winning. Money is important but it is not the major determinant in winning any election as a political party. Planning and organization are key".

He asked the participants to disabuse their minds that the party was for northerners and asked members to embark on a campaign trail and embrace the perception that PNC was for all Ghanaians.

He urged them to be confident of themselves and map out strategies to galvanize supporters at the various communities.

Mr. Bauh Innusah, Regional Secretary of the PNC, appealed to the members at the grassroots level to ensure good communication with them and the constituency executives.

He added that the party was endowed with brilliant and capable men who can steer the affairs of the party and called on them to rally behind the party to ensure success in the 2012 general elections.


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