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09.12.2009 Feature Article

"chasing The Elephant Into The Bush" Indeed.

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Sometime i wonder whether as a country we growing into maturity or grow into infant hood?

For some few days, i have respected Dr. Arthur Kennedy for his boldness in vouching and writing a book that i think would be of help to future generations. Though controversial, the book has received strong lashing from the left and center of the party NPP which i see as not ready for genuine change from their culture of cover ups.

The book frog leaps Ghana into a new dispensation where our leaders are ready to catalogue whatever goes on in our country for generations unborn to peruse it. I have known the NPP as a party of scholars which the ruling NDC as a party lacks in great quantity. Even in the midst of plenty, NPP is starving. What a shame?

"CHASING THE ELEPHANT INTO THE BUSH" to me presents a vivid image of the party dealings prior to the election and even in the course of the election. The errors and the clandestine agenda of Kuffour and the NPP as a party to the events leading to the debacle of the party in the election. These issues should be of a concern to the party stalwarts and stop the infantile attitude of throwing tantrums at the fine genteel of the party.

NPP can only be made by NPP faithfuls and if one of them were to be scolded like a child who has urinated acid on the lab of the mother to be chastised to the point of not looking at the significant and evident of the case presented them, i say a big SHAME to the NPP functionaries. The Kuffour's and the Mac Manu's who will not write and would spit fire on those who faithfully write in order to help the history books of Ghana.

NPP must understand simple fact which is that, the youths are intrinsic part of the party and must be involved at whatever level in the mainframe decision making body of the party. How can decisions be made by only the 'big' giants in the party and expect the youths to rally behind them as if they were newly wedded couples. This nonsense must be stopped.

i think Arthur Kennedy has done a great service to the NPP and Ghanaians and must be praised and not receive this kind of treatment. If Ghanaian want to rally and walk like the developed countries like the US and Britain, we must learn to create scholarship and this is surely the starting point. We must invest in history and writing.

Unfortunately, since our national leaders do not like reading, they discouraging the few dedicated youths who though are abandoning the reading habits have few who are committed to charting a course for themselves and their country. This must be the focal point of NPP's fire. The lack of reading habit trend must be redress and save our country from the nosediving it is taking in terms of development we have witnessed since 1957 up to now.

The elephant has indeed been chased into the bush and what else? Arthur Kennedy i am cautiously optimistic that things will be alright for the party.

Auxtyn Attah-Brako
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