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17.07.2009 Feature Article


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Historical Data
Everybody feels some kind of self-esteem that provides him/her the self-respect he has for himself in this world. This is not what the study is talking about. Because the environment of human beings charges each individual to possess such dynamic self that helps a person to comport himself in society. Its rewards being capable of allowing the members in the community to accord certain people their respects and thereby recognising the worth these persons possess in a particular community. The education a person has acquired, the family an individual hails from, the organisations a person belongs, and the contribution individuals have made to their various communities or country increases a person's worth, which is not a bad idea. What this study concentrates on, is those that deliberately want to regard themselves as superior human beings and in their fantasying and imagination, regard themselves as better than others in CONTENT. This is what we ascribe the psychiatric illness of Superiority Complex Personality Disorders (to be abbreviated SCP Disorders).

The SCP Disorders is a psychiatric illness which the patient possess the fantasy and daydreaming experiences that he is better than other individuals in content as a human being. The patient due to this false knowledge or delusion, commences to cause disturbance in his milieu against other human beings, which in his unprecedented delusion considers them as worthless or “animals”. The problem with this illness is that, it has deep root from psychological experience of the origin of humans, where many centuries ago certain appearances or characteristics of the human beings were utilised as yardstick conforming to the original human beings. This illness, therefore, has “compensatory status” that those that do not resemble the original human beings utilise to obtain better self-esteems in the larger society of the world. SCP Disorders, for example, makes certain patients to view the letter A as B or C. They may view other well-enlightened race on earth as “animals” even though records or evidence provide the opposite information.

The patients of SCP Disorders usually hail from the dominant societies of the world. They form certain groups, such as, supremacy groups elsewhere in the world, illusory superiority groups elsewhere in the world, and some organisations that were behind the Second World War in Europe and most disturbances in the world.

The root of the problem of this particular patient is deep; therefore, it is agreed that copious drinking and drug taking intensify the behaviour of his disturbance. The patient has no problem with money since the rich people who provide funding for their organisation in the world manipulate them. They behave in loquacious manner and memorise certain myths associated with unscientific creation story that purport to make them “better” than others. Due to their unprecedented delusion, some patients do not feel secure themselves and so have to go around with knives and weapons purporting to hurt others while in reality it is to protect their deep rooted insecurity with selves in society.

Patients with SCP Disorders can become victims of “Norman Psychosis”, a kind of confusionary state or temporary mental derangement state that is associated with people that have imbibed myths relating to God or gods that make them to commit crime easily when they had been manipulated by their chosen leader. The latter illness compel individuals or groups not to have adequate rationalisation prior to taking action regarding a conspiracy orchestrated by their religious leader or chosen leader.

Case Studies
1. SCP Disorders was perfectly displayed by many patients during the Second World War in Europe. It was even stated that certain countries in the world were filled with as many patients as the world could not count them. One particular patient whose sickness became known in the world was the soldier who saw to it many innocent Jews were exterminated. He complained bitterly to his friends and the world that “he could hear always voices telling him in his ears that the Jews were not humans.” His delusion was unprecedented and did not even care when bloods of the victims were splashing onto his face.

2. A teacher in one university somewhere in the world that did not believe in human equality (according to their tradition and fanatic behaviour concerning race superiority) became too sad and sick when he was forced to accept the reality for the most qualified candidate among the candidates to be employed. The student recounts his experiences like this: "He would be sitting down in a room and having meetings with other colleagues lecturers and he would see the patient (teacher) climbing tables and spying this student and his interactions with other lecturers. The disorder intensified such that the patient became very angry when he saw the student in the stairs. He started canvassing for support among his colleague professors (also illusory superiority adherents) to get support concerning how they would remove the student from this position. As it was easy to lure the university to advertise for the position again, the patient managed to fill the applicants/candidates with ghost names of people that they have also inflated their merits. By doing this, the patient could snatch the job from him. Therefore, the student who had been the first among the six candidates lost the job which he had already secured it through fair competition.” SCP Disorders can make well-respected people become sick and terrified when someone due to their sick mentality they recognise as inferior come near them. The delusion allow some patients to use false stories to win the people to their side since they have advantage of the media and publishing organisations.

3. In the USA, the Oklahoma State, a patient of SCP Disorders managed to fix bomb in an apartment building that killed and injured innocent people. He belonged to an organisation that was not only terrified about the government action concerning others but also about their manner of thinking. In this particular country there are uncountable number of patients suffering from SCP Disorders

4. In the Northern Hemisphere, during certain occasions some of these patients are let loose to come and march through the streets. Due to proper organisation methods, it is believed the organisation will change its ways and come to symbolise people that shall be fighting for human equality and unity on earth.


SCP Disorders can be cured if a patient severe his contact with the groups that is the main source of indoctrinating young boys and girls in the society. The illness is contracted when a person attends their meetings and become well versed with their myths or ideologies, which are pre-scientific. The fanatics that originate these beliefs and ideologies are known to be always migrating from the Northern Hemisphere where they allow them to have their meetings freely and conduct their disturbances. Since there are many things and histories concerning the origin of man that they do not know, it is surmised that with time and access to adequate knowledge these patients will begin treating themselves from the false ideologies that have occasion these disturbances or illness.

The number of people suffering from SCP Disorders is many; they include would-be Presidents, Professors, Priests, and even distinguished Scientists. As there are more knowledge out there that they are ignorant about, it is supposed that soon they shall begin treating themselves when they get access to it.

Desmond Ayim-Aboagye (Ph.D.)
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