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04.06.2009 Editorial

After all, it’s not only CPP

By theghanaianjournal
After all, it’s not only CPP
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Some stakeholders and supporters of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), were at their hilarious best when the obvious crack within the Convention People's Party (CPP), came alive days before the December 7 presidential and parliamentary elections.

They taunted and made mockery of the CPP, especially, the party's presidential candidate, Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom on many of the undermining issues raised by some CPP chiefs, hoping that and indeed, as it manifested in the final results of the 2008 elections, it affected the fortunes of the CPP and Dr. Nduom.

Events unfolding in the aftermath of the 2008 elections, however suggest that indeed the NPP is not that whole as members and supporters of that party posited prior to the 2008 elections. It is the same with the NDC. The intense fight between former President Rawlings and especially, the sitting Vice President, John Dramani Mahma is not just imaginary, but real.

The former President has been seen on political platforms and other forums castigating both President Mills and his Vice. Interestingly, many Rawlings backers had come out to defend the Rawlings outbursts. That clearly shows that all is not well with the NDC.

Nana Akufo-Addo's press conference last Tuesday has virtually brought to the fore, the cracks within the NPP, with some supporters of Nana Addo's main rival, Alan Kwadwo Kyerematen, questioning the basis of the former NPP Flagbearer's address to the media.

They argued that Nana Addo seized to be the leader of the NPP the very moment the NPP lost the December elections. And if the party had any reservations about the five months reign of the NDC administration, that should have been expressed by the leader of the party who is Chairman Peter Mac Manu, who reverts to his original position as the leader of the NPP after the party's failure in the 2008 elections.

They warned Nana Addo that if he was adopting such posture to wage a psychological warfare to hoodwink delegates to the party's congress, to elect him again as the party's presidential candidate for the 2012 elections, then he should brace up for total resistance the Alan supporters.

Indeed the fall-out of Nana Addo's press conference should convince all that the NPP and for that matter the NDC all have their share of what many thought to be the Achilles-hill of only the CPP and another party of the Nkrumaist extraction, like the People's National Convention (PNC).

Perhaps the difference between the NPP, NDC and the CPP is that the former knows when to pretend as a monolithic entity to win votes. That façade is always presented during election period. And with the way the Ghanaian voter is gullible, people find it extremely difficult reading in between the lines. And presto, when elections are held, the results go in favour of any of the two parties.

In our opinion what seemed to be the impressive run of both the NPP and the NDC in the elections so far held in the country is simply as a result of the unfortunate manner that electorate have attached emotional sentiments to voting patterns rather than deciphering on issues and proper assessment of performance of people competing for public offices.

It therefore does not matter how bad a candidate standing on the ticket of the NPP and the NDC, he/she has the chance of winning an election, because politics in the country is being run on ultra partisan consideration where ethnicity plays a major role. It has almost become a norm for people in certain particular geographical areas to vote for any of the so-called leading two political parties without necessarily looking at the strength of those competing.

Often time, assessment of politics in the country has gone into the realm of absurdity where some fanatics of the so-called two main political parties, although are aware of the mediocre performance of the NPP and NDC fail to look beyond the two, with the fear that any attempts to vote for another group has the potential of undermining the chances of their darling party.

The result had been the unpleasant chess game that we have witnessed in all five elections that we have had in the country. As we monitor comments from supporters of the two parties on the airwaves after the Nana Addo press conference suggest that, it does seem that the duo political dominance of the NPP and the NDC will not die out in the coming years.

If that is the case, then we make bold to predict that as a people, we are not yet to come out of the throes of the many problems confronting us as a people, in so far as we vote on the revolving axis of the NPP and the NDC.

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