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04.03.2009 Education

GNAT improves teachers’ knowledge in Science


A Five-day training workshop to improve on the teaching of Science at the upper primary school ended at Begoro on Friday.

The workshop was organized by the Fanteakwa District Directorate of Education and financed by the Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) for 50 teachers.

Addressing the closing session, the Eastern Regional GNAT Secretary, Mr Nathaniel Lawer Apronti, observed that the teaching of Science in the abstract make students to dislike the subject in basic schools.

Mr Apronti, therefore, urged teachers to make the teaching of the subject practical to sustain the interest of the students.

He urged them to guide the students to produce Science related projects in the schools.

He said his outfit would visit the schools from which the 45 female and five male teachers were selected from, to ensure that the skills they acquired were being used for the benefit of the students.

The Upper East Regional Director of Education, who is a member of the Ghana Association of Science Teachers (GAST), Mr Fabian Belieb, promised to support hardworking basic school science teachers to attend GAST conferences.

Mr Belieb urged the teachers to improvise teaching and learning materials in teaching the subject and advised them to share the skills acquired with their fellow teachers who could not attend the workshop.

Science equipments were later distributed to the participants.