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26.02.2009 Crime & Punishment

Woman reprimanded for beating daughter on court premises


Drama unfolded at an Accra Circuit Court when a judge ordered the arrest of a 30 year-old woman for spanking her four-year-old daughter outside the court room.

The woman, who gave her name as Hajia, had earlier been asked by the court to send her daughter out because children below the age of 16 were not allowed in the courtroom.

Hajia, who had accompanied her relations to court, did not know of this rule.

She was infuriated because she could not sit in, took the girl out and spanked her. But as she meted out the punishment the judge, Mr D.E.K. Daketsey, heard the girl crying and ordered her arrest. The court warrant officers immediately handcuffed her and sent her to the court cells.

The child on seeing that her mother had been handcuffed continued to cry louder.

As Hajia was being escorted, the judge ordered the court warrant officers to bring her to the courtroom to explain why she beat her daughter.

The judge asked: “Why did you beat her? Do you know what you did to your parents when you were young?”

Hajia could not offer any tangible excuse for her action.

The judge, however, pardoned her and she walked away free.