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26.02.2009 Regional News

Landguards Stall Weija Development

By Daily Guide
Landguards Stall Weija Development

Nii Aryee Pampamko (Weija Asafoatse) THE YOUTH of Weija, in the Greater Accra Region, led by the Weija Asafoatse, Nii Aryee Pampamko, have blamed the underdevelopment of the area on unwarranted chieftaincy and landguard disputes in the area over the years.

This unfortunate development, they stated, had been the alleged attempts by a certain Dan Sackey and his supporters to perverse the traditional norms.

The Asafoatse told DAILY GUIDE that Dan Sackey from the Anto Nyame Family, who is also the Weija Constituency Chairman of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) has for the past eight years organized landguards from Anyaa to terrorise the people of Weija and succeeded in burning down the house of a certain Ashaley Blafour on August 12, 2000.

But Sackey vehemently denied the accusations, describing them as “a deliberate and wicked attempt by my detractors to subvert my political ambitions.”

Asafoatse Pampamko said, in his avowed desire to ascend the Weija throne in contravention of an earlier jugdement, Sackey and his group again organized deadly landguards and macho men, and armed them with guns and other offensive weapons to cause commotion at Weija, leading to the death of one of Ashaley's sons.

Even though four of his men, namely Shadow, Teacher Quarcoopone ,Kwabla Agyarigo ,and  Quarcoo were arrested by the police and remanded with one Ayitey Praso and several others on the run, Dan Sackey told this reporter he did not organize them and therefore did  not know them, saying “I am a man of peace.”

The Asafoatse said Dan Sackey's bluff that the suspects would be released if NDC came to power were given credence when on Thursday February 12, all of them were granted bail amidst growing fear that they might resume their nefarious activities.

Giving details of the chieftaincy saga, the Asafoatse indicated that Anto Nyame's turn to rule is over and it is now the turn of the Ashaley Family to ascend the throne.

This he noted did not go down well with Dan Sackey, hence his efforts to prevent the Ashaley's family from nominating their heir apparent.

“A judgement delivered at the Ga Traditional Council on suit No. GTC/J.C/6/89, in a case involving Nii Sampah Kojo VIII (plaintiff) and Anto Nyame II (Defendant) made it very clear that the defendant is not from the royal family of Ngleshie Alata Stool, and cannot therefore be a member of the Djase Ngleshie Alata Stool”.

The Judgement held the view that the defendant's ancestor being a slave was only mentioned in evidence by King Solomon of James Town to show the difference between one Anto Nyame and one Yeboah in a case between King Solomon and Noi.

uncil, and that judgement was accepted as the constitutional Order promulgated by the council and an amount of ¢50,000 (old cedis) was ascended in favour of the plaintiff.

Based on the above judgement among others, the Asafoatse said Dan Sackey, had no business in the chieftaincy affairs of Weija, and must therefore not hold himself as such.

He also appealed to President Mills to appoint someone who has the interest of Weija at heart as the Municipal Chief Executive other than Dan Sackey who is dividing the people.

“In order not to disturb the peace of Weija, we appeal to the government to choose the right man as the municipal chief executive for the promotion of peace and development,” Nii Pampamko pleaded.

By Frank Muzzu