31.12.2008 Feature Article


31.12.2008 LISTEN

Ghana need a good government based on creating jobs, good health-care policy and the rule of law and order. Evidence is overwhelming that the choice of the 49% votes of the population is a reality in full operation. The Politicians from the two top parties must unite under a single government in the interest of Ghana. The politicians should aim to reduce the growing tension. The scope of the problems facing Ghanaians is so overwhelming that it far exceeds what one political party can handle. Politicians must hear the voice of Ghanaians and form a good government such as a coalition government. A coalition government is a good political philosophy and must be seen as a partnership in solving the problems facing Ghana. None of the politicians has been successfully in addressing real issues in matters that interest the country nor been able to create a better quality of living for Ghanaians. Our economy is collapsing and failure to innovate our health-care, industries and markets are not helping in solving the problems of unemployment, -the quality of living is below all standards of morality, lawless, crime and corruption has always been high, the rule of law and order is not taking its effect. Why is it so difficult for these politicians to form a coalition government in the interest of the country. Forming a coalition government will best serve the country and Ghanaians, and will help eradicate corruption from the top. One party rule policy is for the past. Politicians must bring the best within their parties to help form a concrete policy and a government in the interest of the country. After all our parliament does not consist of one party members. Ghanaians can and should no longer bet our quality of living and the interest of our nation on one particular political party.

Mr. A.C. Acquah
The Netherlands

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