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19.11.2008 Politics

Let`s forget Bolga incident - Kofi Adda tells Veep

By George Kyei Frimpong - Ghanaian Chronicle

The former Energy Minister and the New Patriotic Party (NPP) Member of Parliament (MP) for Navrongo-Central, Hon. Joseph Kofi Adda, says he has put the incident which happened between him and the Vice President at Bolgatanga behind him, and has called on the latter to also do same.

He said even though the Bolga incident received wide publicity, he has decided to forgive and forget about it in the supreme interest of their great NPP party.

Speaking in an interview with this reporter in Accra on Monday, Adda said what was widely reported as brawl, was not started by him, but rather some of the people who surrounded the Veep.

He said it was unfortunate that he was accused of showing disrespect to Alhaji Aliu Mahama by refusing to acknowdge him, before and after his speech.

To him, the incident was regrettable, and that it should not be seen as a plan to smear or denigrate anyone, especially the Vice President. “I may disagree with him, but it does not mean that we are enemies. The party that we all belong to, believes in internal democracy, and I hope that the incident that happened recently, would be amicably resolved to pave way for strengthening of our course to win the general elections and have majority in parliament, to help Nana Akufo-Addo to effectively and efficiently govern this nation.”

He continued, “I wish to appeal passionately to any aggrieved member to remain calm. We are builders of democracy, and we need to set the pace, but whatever happened, I say sorry for the unfortunate accident. It is my hope that it would never happen again, as we move on to concentrate our energy in campaigning to win.”

According to him, contrary to perceptions that the NPP was losing popularity in Navrongo-Central, the NPP was gaining popularity each and every day.

“I can assure you that the NPP is growing from strength to strength, and the party members are leaving no stone unturned to make sure that we win massively here, and break the jinx in the perceived NDC-dominated areas.” Currently, he noted, the selection of Dr. Mahamudu Bawumiah had dramatically changed the situation in favour of the NPP, adding that the party, based on its current performance, had attracted a number of voters, especially from NDC. Mr. Kofi Addah, urged the supporters of the NPP to join the campaign trail of Dr. Bawumiah, who is currently campaigning in the region.

According to him, he together with party members, were bracing up to galvanize more votes for the NPP, to make sure that Nana Akufo-Addo was given a one touch victory.

He appealed to the supporters of the other opposition parties, to join the NPP to better develop the nation. “Akufo-Addo has a vision, which would transform the nation within a couple of days. A vote for NPP would be a vote for eradication of illiteracy, improvement of private sector, industrialisation and an increase in police service to safeguard the citizenry.”

Bemoaning the incident further, the NPP candidate for Navrongo-Central contended that it would be prudent for members to campaign with issues, and that attacks would not help develop the nation.

He stressed that the NPP, under Nana Akufo-Addo, would make the country a better one. Meanwhile, the Paramount Chief of the Bolgatanga Traditional Area, Bolga-Naba Martin Adongo Abilba, has emphatically denied a news story which appeared at the back page of the Ghanaian Times of November 8, 2008 captioned “MP causes tension between Bolga and Navrongo.”

The story had it that Mr. Adda had sent two buses, loaded with thugs, to assault the Vice President's aide, Adams. Speaking at a press conference, Bolga-Naba Martin Abilba described it as not only unfortunate, but also false, misleading and without an iota of truth.

Naba Abilba also denied another news item, which appeared on page 3 of the same paper of November 12, 2008, that he had served a warning notice to the people of Navrongo, with the threat of war, should anyone from Navrongo attack the citizens of his area.

Responding to the story and the tension which had been attributed to him, Mr. Kofi Adda said he was very shocked when he heard the story.

Adda said that he got wind of a rumour that some Navrongo boys were going to Bolga to call the bluff of Mr. Adams Mahama Akalibila, who had dared them to come to Bolga, but he advised the few he met to discard the idea, and concentrate on their campaign instead.