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10.11.2008 Regional News

Youth in South-Dayi to resist detractors


The youth of Kpalime, Kpeve and Tongor Traditional areas in the South-Dayi District have vowed to resist any attempts by any individual or group to undermine the unity in the district for political purposes.

“We reject those who want to divide our people against each other for personal gains. Let us not tolerate individuals whose sole aim is to become District Chief Executive, or a Member of Parliament, by fair or foul means at the expense of the unity and welfare of our people”.

The warning was contained in a statement read at a durbar at Toh-Kpalime on Saturday to climax this year's Kpalikpakpa festival of the chiefs and people of the Kpalime Traditional Area.

The statement alleged that a government appointee in the district assembly used subterfuge to get some chiefs in the area to sign a letter calling for the relocation of the district capital from Kpeve to Peki.

“We shall resist any attempt to relocate the district capital from Kpeve”, the statement warned.

The statement said the youths could not understand why a government appointee could be working to subvert the decisions of the government and President at whose pleasure he is in the assembly.

It advised all parliamentary candidates in the district “to conduct their campaigns in civility, based on truth and having the welfare of our people, as their supreme consideration”.

The statement commended “the government for creating the district and for not yielding to the pressures from self seeking individuals who wanted to plunge the district into chaos by the disruptive campaign of relocating the district capital”.