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07.11.2008 International

PNC joins list o Congratulate remembers

By myjoyonline

The PNC has joined the list of political parties congratulating the United States president-elect Barack Obama.

The party said it impressed by Mr. Obama's message of change.

The PNC made the statement in press release issued and signed by General Secretary MR. Bernard Mornah.

The full statement is published below: Release, 05.11.08


The Leader of the People's National Convention [PNC], Dr Edward Nasigrie Mahama and the entire leadership of the party extend our utmost congratulatory words to you on this momentous rise to the high and enviable office of Presidency of the United States of America.

We in the PNC have been following with keen interest your struggle from grass, how your campaign was anchored on change. Change from the status quo, change in attitudes, change in policy direction and change that the people need. Change was what catapulted you to this historic victory. The PNC, have faith that your Presidency would assure the world that justice can be done to all irrespective of beliefs.

The world has been traumatised over the past eight years by the unwillingness of America to reach consensus on many issues including attacking Iraq, Afghanistan, and defiance on WTO rules among several distasteful decisions from the Whitehouse. So it was the prayers of the entire world that a new leader of the US would emerge so that consensus could be forged on many issues that affect humanity, with you as President, the world can expect nothing short of this CHANGE.

Moderate and magnanimity has been your campaign as you parried away innuendos, aspersions and vituperation while concentrating on core policies and issues that affect the American from bottom to top.

Issues of employment, economic recovery, health care, renewed foreign relation dominated your campaign and these reflected the general goals of America hence this Victory. Your achievement marks the culmination of the struggles by Rosa Parks, struggles by the civil rights movements led by Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X and many others who fought for equal place for all. We believe that it would mark a beginning of realising their aspirations.

In Ghana the PNC have been campaigning over the years for similar attitudinal change, change in the dogmatic politics of insults to issue-based politics, politics that assure employment, better education, better health care, opportunity for our farmers, opportunity for Ghanaian entrepreneurs and industry and above equity in development and justice delivery.

So as you wait for your Swearing in, the PNC will concentrate on winning the Ghanaian Election come December 7, 2008 so we can together construct a path for equity in world politics.

We salute your ascendency as the 44th President of United States of America; we salute the historic conclusion of an “improbable journey”.

Bernard Mornah

[General Secretary]