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30.10.2008 International

Cuban TV broadcasts overwhelming UN vote to lift U.S. embargo


Cuban TV channels on Wednesday widely broadcast a UN General Assembly vote on a resolution against a unilateral U.S. embargo against the country.

The resolution cleared the 192-member assembly with a vote of 185 for and three against with two abstentions, making it the 17th straight year that the United Nations has called for a lifting of the U.S. blockade of the Caribbean country.

TV images showed Cuban Foreign Minister Felipe Perez Roque saying at the UN plenary session that the United States' economic, commercial and financial ban against Cuba is the main obstacle for his country's social and economic development.

He said seven out of 10 Cubans have spent their whole lives "under this irrational and useless policy, which tries without success to wear out our people."

The UN session was also followed minute by minute on the giant screens at the Casa de las Americas theatre in Havana.