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28.10.2008 Politics

Let’s devise an African based constitution- NGO

By gna

Sunyani-based National Unity Movement, an NGO, has called for the adoption of a 'homegrown' African model constitution instead of the imported or foreign constitution to eliminate political violence associated with elections in most third world countries.

The Movement attributed the cause of most wars in African countries to the adoption of unsuitable political systems imported to Africa, which were totally alien to Africans.

In a press statement signed by Dr. Kwadwo Ankama, a former High Commissioner to India stressed the need for an African model constitution that would “reflect the culture, traditions, socio-economic background, the philosophy and psychology of the people”.

It explained that the imported foreign constitutions had also denied Africans accelerated social and economic development under the winner-takes-all principle.

“It is for this reason that we are calling on all Ghanaians to take a general stock of our achievements and failures to know which way we should go or vote after 50 years of independence,” the statement said.

The statement added: “We therefore seek to adopt the District Assembly system, which is non-partisan at the National Assembly to give Ghana the much needed peace that Ghanaians are demanding for.

The Movement explained that by the adoption of the District Assembly system, the country would be on the way to peace since every constituency would be given the responsibility to elect its own Member of Parliament without any political party participation.

“Members of Parliament will also elect one of them to become President who will also in consultations appoint two members from the regions to be Ministers”, the statement said.

The Movement stressed that the greatest advantage besides unity and peace would be the huge savings that the nation would reap from this change.

“The way for African countries is to take immediate steps to change our course for survival by standing together shoulder to shoulder in unity to create the much needed peace for survival,” it said.

The Movement appealed to all Ghanaians and political parties to unite in efforts to change the pattern of national politics for national unity, strength and peace for the nation.