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13.10.2008 Religion

Christian communities urged to reflect the light of the Gospel


Right Reverend Dr Livingstone Buama, out-going Moderator of the General Assembly of the E.P. Church on Sunday exhorted Christian communities to let the message of the gospel reflect in every aspect of their lives.

“When you hear the word, heed the word,” he said in a sermon during a thanksgiving service to mark 100 years of the establishment of the Church at Tanyigbe near Ho.

A Centenary Chapel and a monument were unveiled as mementos of the occasion which was under the theme, “I am the light of the word”.

Rt. Rev. Buama said if the people of Tanyigbe had received the gospel with indifference “we would not have been here, and if indifference continued to be in somebody then it is regrettable”.

He noted that “God is not pleased with people who display an outward enthusiasm towards the gospel out of curiosity or mischief. That is not what God wants”.

“The prize is condemnation and God's anger,” he warned.

Rt. Rev. Buama said the transformation that the Tanyigbe Community went through during the past 100 years showed that God is the greatest.
“Let's embrace and celebrate life but don't forget that it is a task and benefit to all,” he said.

He urged Christians in the community to continuously intercede on behalf of those who had remained indifferent to the gospel and for the good of the community.

The out-going Moderator commended the general comportment of the Tanyigbe Community due to good leadership saying, “Extra-ordinary things are done by ordinary people who walk in the light”.

Mr Kofi Dzamesi, Volta Regional Minister, in an address delivered on his behalf, commended the Christian community for interceding on behalf of the nation during the energy crisis when the Akosombo Hydro Electric Dam went dry.

He said now God had sent so much rain in answer to the prayers and supplications of Christians.