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13.10.2008 Africa

Pastor Chops Woman With Cutlass

By The Inquirer (Monrovia)

An associate pastor of The Overcomer Church in "Gobacchop" Market, Redlight has seriously wounded a woman believed to be in her early 30s with a cutlass as stated by bystanders.

According to one of the victims of Pastor Alfred Marlah's cruelty, it all began early Saturday morning when he (victim) had gone to greet Mamie Fallah at her Pipeline Community residence.

Lincoln who is a student of the United Methodist University (UMU) said that his parents who reside in the Harbel area had asked victim Mamie to be their caretaker so he along with his brother usually go to visit the Fallahs at their home.

Lincoln who was chopped on his left arm by Pastor Marlah said that that early morning the pastor politely asked him to leave his yard and he (Lincoln) questioned him if he had done any harm but Marlah responded negatively.

He said while the conversation was going on between them, Mamie came and told him to have a seat which he did, not knowing that his action annoyed the pastor who is also the landlord.

"Pastor Marlah went in his house and came out forcibly and began pounding on me. Just at the time, Sis. Mamie and my friend Cyrus came to intervene but he left me and went to Mamie and began kicking and beating her," Lincoln explained.

He said that it was in the interim that Pastor Marlah went in his house again and brought out a cutlass which he used to hit Mamie on her head for which doctors at the SLEMP Medical Clinic revealed that she received17 stitches.

Mamie was unable to speak on Sunday and was still at the SLEMP Clinic while Lincoln was taken to the Providence Clinic where he was given five stitches while Pastor Marlah was turned over to the Police Depot in Redlight by the neighbors because Mamie's husband was no where around.

When Mamie was visited yesterday, she could barely speak as she complained of severe pains in her chest, head and stomach. She managed to say little by little that she only remembered seeing Pastor Marlah with a cutlass and a reed stick but that she is not aware of which one was used on her.

However, when Pastor Marlah's wife was contacted to give her account since her husband was already detained at the police depot, she said that personally she regrets the incident but that the commotion began since last Thursday due to the cleaning of the yard.

Mrs. Salome Marlah said that her husband was very vex and allowed his anger to take control of him. She admitted that indeed he wounded his tenant Mamie and Lincoln but "for Mamie, he hit her with a reed stick which neighbors had brought in the yard to mob my husband with."

She said as for Lincoln, she could not say what her husband used to hurt him because by then everyone was focused on Mamie who was bleeding profusely.

Meanwhile, the trial of the case is pending as Pastor Marlah was transferred to the Paynesville Town Hall Magisterial Court and subsequently reminded at the Central Prison while Mamie was sent to the John .F. Kennedy Memorial Hospital for appropriate treatment.