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10 July 2008 | Social News

Man Impregnates Sisters

Daily Guide
Man Impregnates Sisters

THE ASANTE-BEKWAI District Police has mounted a search for a 23-year old carpenter of Sawaaba, near Bekwai, who has impregnated two biological sisters he lives with in the same house in the town.

The carpenter, Kofi Ofori has put Afia Yakab, 15, and Lucy Nyame aka Maa Yaa, 12, both blood sisters, in the family way.

Afia, the older sister, who is a chop bar attendant is three months pregnant while Lucy Nyame, the younger sister who is a primary three pupil at the Bekwai R/C Primary 'B' School is five months pregnant.

Ofori, whose wife, Abena Kukuwaa is currently nursing a three-month old baby, bolted to an unknown destination immediately after the family of the two sisters approached him with the news.

According to Maa Yaa, the carpenter started having sex with her about six months ago.

“Because I stay with him in the same house, anytime I closed from school he would send me on an errand and immediately I returned he would tell me to bring the thing inside and as soon as I entered the room, he laid me and had sex with me,” she narrated.

The 12-year old, who said Ofori has had sex with her on countless occasions within the six-month period, said any time the carpenter had sex with her she was either given 30 or 50 pesewas, depending on the number of sexual bouts.

“If I allow him to have three or more bouts with me, I'm given 50 pesewas but if I'm tired and can only manage less than three, then I would be given 30 pesewas,” the girl indicated.

The primary three pupil revealed that at times Ofori had sex with her in obscure places when his wife was in the house.

Afia Yakab, on her part, narrated that the carpenter took her through the same ordeal as her younger sister and that they came to the realization that they were befriending the same man when they became pregnant.

The mother of the girls, Madam Yaa Bonnah, told DAILY GUIDE that she discovered the pregnancy of her two children only two weeks ago.

She said after seriously interrogating the girls they both mentioned Kofi Ofori as the one who had impregnated them.

Madam Bonnah disclosed that she was shocked to the bone when Ofori owned up that indeed he was responsible for the two pregnancies and that he was willing to marry them in addition to his wife of three years.

The girls' mother said a pregnancy test conducted on the children at the Bekwai Government Hospital showed that they were three and five months pregnant respectively.

According to Madam Bonnah, as soon as the test confirmed the two pregnancies they wanted to cause the arrest of Ofori but he was nowhere to be found and has since not been seen.

She indicated that a complaint has been lodged with the Bekwai District Police who are seriously searching for the carpenter to bring him to book.

Madam Bonnah mentioned that since Ofori disappeared the house had known no peace, as her pregnant children always quarreled with Ofori's wife.

She said while Ofori's wife keeps on blaming her two children for causing the disappearance of her husband, the pregnant girls on the other hand accuse Ofori's wife of masterminding the escape of Ofori because of the mess he had found himself in.

Meanwhile information reaching DAILY GUIDE in Kumasi indicates that Ofori has taken refuge in Anloga, a suburb of Kumasi.

From Morgan Owusu, Sawaaba, Asante-Bekwai

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