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07.07.2008 General News

Lies won't help the nation – Reverend Minister

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Reverend Herbert Mensah, General Overseer of the Christ Living Ministry at Suhum, has observed that the culture of lies has gripped the country.
Delivering a sermon on Sunday at Suhum in the Eastern Region, he cautioned that: "There can be no peace and stability where lies and lying abound.”
The congregation comprised over 100 members from three branches of the Church.
Rev. Mensah stated that the people's peace and the nation's stability were too important to be subjected to party politics, functionalism and sectionalism, which include lies and half-truths.
"We need to do away with all that, which infringes the dignity of each person and rather choose a way of life that is marked by truthfulness, sincerity and integrity", he said.
Rev Mensah stressed on the need to give respect to every human being, irrespective of his colour, creed, religion and culture, adding: "Gods creation still continues through human beings".
According to him, each race had its own identity and such different identities should not be used as divisions or diversification of the spirituality of God, but rather should be considered as a unifying body showing different cultures and traditions in praise of God.
The General Overseer touched on reconciliation and pointed out that there could be no reconciliation without mutual forgiveness.

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