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25.06.2008 Zimbabwe

As Zimbabwean crisis deepensMPs call for military intervention in Zimbabwe… Describe situation as unfortunate

By Linda Akrasi Kotey - Ghanaian Chronicle
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Members of Parliament are calling for military intervention from the United Nations as a solution to the Zimbabwean crisis.
The parliamentarians say military options should sometimes be employed to save lives and stop such mess.

Members said this in parliament yesterday, when they were contributing to a statement made by the MP for Dome Kwabenya, Prof. Mike Ocquaye, on the Zimbabwean situation.

The Deputy Minister of interior, K.T. Hammond, in his contribution said the crisis in Zimbabwe is a sad story in the history of Africa, as well as a sore on the eye of mother Africa.

He added that it is not the prerogative of President Mugabe to resolve the Zimbabwean problem, as such the full force of Africa should be brought to bear on him.
According to him, if such acts are not condemned in the strongest possible terms, when it involves Mugabe today, it could be the turn of another President later, and so such nonsense should not be encouraged.
Minority Leader, Alban Bagbin, on his part said the situation is an insult on the continent and such stupid acts should be stopped.

He lamented the worrying trend where African leaders sit idle and watch on, as Mugabe runs the country down, and he invited the United Nations to come on board to resolve the situation.

He proposed that the African Union should convey an emergency meeting to call a halt to the happenings in Zimbabwe, and put measures in place to make an interim government take over from Mugabe.

“Zimbabweans no longer have a solution to the problem”.

Majority leader and minister for parliamentary affairs, Abraham Ossei Aidooh called on other corrective measures to be put in place to avert the situation. He said, if the problem is left for the southern Africa sub-regional grouping to resolve, a solution would never be found because most of the member countries do not see anything wrong with what Mugabe is doing.

The maker of the statement, Prof. Mike Ocquaye, earlier said Africans must show concern over every African life that is lost over the quest for political power.

He stated that Africans should particularly rise in unison and dissociate the African race from such negative actions, which lower our esteem in the eyes, ears and minds of right-thinking humanity.

Prof. Mike Ocquaye said those nations that do not have good governance credentials, should cease to be members of the African Union because the history of the EU makes clear the criteria for membership.

He recommended the setting up of Sub-Regional Electoral Commissions (eg, West African Electoral Commission, East Africa Electoral Commission, etc), to work with an African Electoral Commission to take full control over all elections in Africa. “Any leader or nation which will not accede to this cannot be an AU member”.

Secondly, he advocated for a full-fledged Africa Court on Human Rights and Electoral matters which will have sub-regional Courts and full adjudication authority on electoral affairs.

He said it should be a cardinal principle of our consolidation of democracy for people to speak with their thumbs. After all, the voice of the people is the voice of God.

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