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15.04.2008 Religion

Why God`s men should be in power tooKofi Coomson at Dunwell Methodist Chruch

By Zam R. Samin, Takoradi - Ghanaian Chronicle
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Kofi Coomson chose the platform of Dunwell Methodist Church to announce to the Christian world that he was contesting the Effia-Kwesimintsim constituency seat at the next general elections.

He was speaking to a packed congregation as co-chairman at the 50th anniversary celebrations of the Church Choir at Effiakuma on Sunday, which featured Nana Kofi Buna (stool name of the Chief of Inchaban, a very engaging speaker) as chairman, and lawyer Ocran, a respected lawyer based in the community and patron of the Church choir.

Kofi told the Congregation that he was impressed with the Church choir's motto - Service- and recalled that he was also a church worker in the Lord's vineyard and was not endowed with a good voice to be in the choir. He took the congregation through his role as a church worker at the International Central Gospel Church,

Christ's Temple in Accra, and told them he believed that it is a blessing to be a servant in the Lord's vineyard, quoting from Proverbs 29 verse 2 to support his claim, which says that 'when the righteous rule the people rejoice, but when the wicked rule, there is groaning amongst God's children.'

The theme of the celebration was '50 years of a chorister - the way forward'.

He recalled that a delegation of the church choir called on him barely two years ago, and he spent barely two minutes with them before obliging them with their request. He then promised that the next time he would make sure he attended, but when they called on him two weeks ago with the request to chair the choir's anniversary celebrations, he told them that he was out of pocket and rather turned on them to help him with their substance.

He believed that he needed the Church's help in funding his political campaign, because it is essential that God's men fight to attain political power as well.
The six men and women who called on him insisted that he visit them and preach that message to the congregation.

So on Sunday when he turned up for the programme, he grabbed the opportunity to impress on them the need to have people like him who are Christians to be in politics. He added that his late father was also a pastor, the General Overseer of God is our Light Church and Rhema churches in Effiakuma, and it is no accident that he was making that appeal to the church.

The highlight of the day was the powerful mesmerising message of the chief of Inchaban and her songs to the Glory of God. She said that people thought all chiefs were idol worshippers, but she was a testimony to that erroneous impression.

Chief Kofi said that Christ shed his blood on Calvary, and asked rhetorically what the congregation was willing to give in return.

The anniverary cake was cut by the chief accompanied by Mrs Ocran and Mrs Vida Ofori Donkor after a subtle appeal for funds by Mrs. Matilda Essien. It was a joyous day for the choir master Mr. James Etroom, Ms. Emelia Anokye, Secretary and Paulina Ackon and the Reverend Thomas Ekow Ansah.

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