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01.04.2008 General News

Chief Accuses Police

By Daily Guide
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THE CHIEF of Old Tafo in Kumasi, Nana Agyin Frimpong II, has accused personnel of the Ghana Police Service of engaging in corrupt activities in the discharge of their duties.

He said corrupt activities in the service were so alarming nowadays to the extent that the practice was becoming the order of the day.

Speaking to the paper in an exclusive interview, Nana Frimpong observed that corruption has become widespread in the Police Service to the point that only few officers were not involved in the practice.

He pointed out that some personnel in the Service have become so corrupt that they do not feel ashamed to engage in corrupt practices in broad daylight.

“Some Police officers have become endemic to corruption that they no longer practice it under the cover of darkness”, he stressed.

Nana Frimpong expressed great concern about the practice whereby police officers, who are mandated to check roadworthiness of vehicles and traffic offences, abandon their responsibilities and forcibly and unjustifiably extort monies from drivers.

The Chief of Tafo noted that majority of Ghanaians were fast losing confidence in the Police due to the surging corruption in the Service which is internationally acclaimed as a noble public institution.

He said it is highly out of place and unacceptable for a police officer to demand money from a complainant before he is attended to at the police station.

“Several people have refused to go to the police station for assistance because of the demand for money by some officers at post before assistance is rendered”, he observed.

Nana Frimpong contended that police officers have no right to demand money from complainants as stationery fees or as taxi fares as had been the case in recent times.

He charged the Inspector General of Police (IGP) to come out with more pragmatic measures to deal with the increasing cases of corruption in the Service.

“I am calling on the IGP to decisively deal with corruption in the Police Service, if only he is determined to revitalize the lost image of the Service”, he underscored.

He said the public could also help check corruption in the Police Service by endeavouring to expose police officers who demand money from them.

The Police Service and the Judicial Service have over the past several years always placed first or second in various corruption index surveys.

From Morgan Owusu, Kumasi

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