Adisadel College PTA to meet parents over students' welfare

By GBC News
Education Adisadel College PTA  to meet parents over students' welfare
MAR 21, 2008 LISTEN

The Executive of the Parent/Teacher Association (PTA) of Adisadel College will, on March 24, meet parents of third year students of the school to discuss how best to handle issues pertaining to the welfare of the students.
The decision follows an emergency meeting by the school's Board of Governors in the aftermath of the death of Abdul Gafaru Mustapha Rahman, a third year science student, who jumped to his death on March 16. The college was closed down on March 17 due to students' unrest following the incident.

A statement issued and signed by the Assistant Headmaster in charge of Administration and Secretary to the board, Kwadwo Asiedu-Gyimah, said all Form Three students and their parents are expected to meet the PTA executive at the school's chapel on that day. It said the school would be re-opened for first and second year students on April 14.

The statement said the board has also set up a committee of enquiry to investigate the circumstances leading to the death of Rahman.

Mr Asiedu-Gyimah said the PTA would also impress upon the parents to "advice their wards" and that the committee would be formally inaugurated on March 26.