25.02.2008 Feature Article

A. R. Harruna Attah writes on...The Bill and George Show

A. R. Harruna Attah writes on...The Bill and George Show
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By all indications, US President George Bush had a good time in Ghana. The joke doing the rounds is that this his second visit to Africa was more or less a holiday and nowhere did he enjoy it more than in Ghana!

And why not - can't the man have a little fun after sacking the Taleban from Afghanistan, ousting Saddam in Iraq, chasing terrorists all over the place and keeping an eye on Ahmadinejad all the time?!

It would definitely please Mr. Bush to know that with the low approval figures he has lately been receiving back home, a newspaper in Ghana has published a survey that gives him an 80% popularity rating with Ghanaians!

In a way, is that not quite similar to the kind of reception Bill Clinton received when close to one hundred thousand Ghanaians thronged the Independence Square to see him when we hosted him over ten years ago? Wasn't that at a time when good old Bill was feeling the heat and could never have commanded so many people at a rally back home? It was a crowd, I am told, the pleased him immensely.

Whether George Bush has an 80% popularity rating with Ghanaians, whether Bill Clinton attracted 100,000 people or more when he visited Ghana, there is one thing I can tell you: the majority and generality of Ghanaians love the US and if Africom had been headquartered here they would receive it with open arms!

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