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17.12.2007 Politics

Race for Ayawaso West Wugon seat – Alan, others compete in earnest


The starter's gun has not sounded the atmosphere, yet the race to become the Member of Parliament for Ayawaso West Wugon has begun in earnest, making honourable Frema Opare the substantive MP as jittery as a mother kangaroo, in the midst of pickpockets.

As many as seven of the most qualitative field of NPP stalwarts including former MP and ex-NADMO boss, George Isaac Amoo are thought to be in the race. Other major and monumental names in the race are Alan John Kwadwo Kyerematen, who would almost certainly stake a claim in the unlikely event of losing the NPP aspirant slot.

Yet another big name in lane three is Kwabena Agyei Agyapong, an engineer who is also warming up should the sole NPP aspirant slot elude him.

Next, in lane four, is Akosua Frema Opare the sitting MP who may have angered a couple of constituents already with so much talk, and only a little being done in her four year tenure.

Lane five spots Kufuor-bus¬ embossment capo Mr. Amoakohene, who appears to have lost some ¢10 million already for wearing his spikes a little too early, and got campaign apostles ghosting away with his cash.

In lane six is the huge presence of Dr. Arthur Kennedy who also has one eye on the NPP presidential slot, and would almost certainly go for it should the delegates vote him down on December 22.

Finally in lane seven is C.S. Buaben, the lawyer who used to host GTV's TALKING POINT programme and now does the image-building job for the Vice ¬President, Aliu Mahama.

Painstaking investigations have revealed that, former NADMO capo Honourable Amoo who has been an MP right in the constituency looks to be a favourite candidate, even though the magnificent presence of Alan Kyerematen may loom large.

There is another discovery that youths and interested parties in the constituency which also has the President, J. A. Kufuor, continue to associate Mr. Amoo with the constituency. The former MP has ever since 1992, been fighting towards fine-tuning the rough ends of the predominantly affluent inhabitants and set the Party on a sound pivot.

Indeed, the story of whether he would contest yet again or not is a source of worry for most of his would-be contestants.

But with the primaries set for June 2008, there appears to be no time to spare in that hot race to declare that winnable candidate the President could run up in the event of a protestation.

In the run-up to the last primaries, presidential hopeful Mr. Agyapong trekked for hundreds of miles to his father's home area in Ashanti, yet, was rejected on the grounds of unfamiliarity for he had played PAPA SAMO for so long a time and so was taken for a stranger.

And with all these political heavyweights lacing up their spikes and readying the starter's blocks in earnest for the event, one thing so clear is that enough ambulances ought to be readied for eventualities, in the race to become the President's MP.