22.11.2007 Crime & Punishment

Two imposters arrested

By Ghanaian Times
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Two people were arrested on Monday by the Nima Divisional Police for allegedly posing as officials of the Bureau of National Investigation (BNI) and succeeding in collecting 10,000 dollars from a businessman.

They are Nana Fredua-Agyemang, 36, former BNI official, and Amevi Kpotivi, 31, a mechanic, who posed as an investigator with the BNI.

Briefing the Times in Accra Tuesday, the Nima Divisional Commander, Chief Superintendent Angwunbutoge Awuni, said a car dealer, whose name has been withheld for security reasons, informed the police that Fredua-Agyemang had seized a number of his cars with the explanation that he the businessman had imported them without proper documents covering them.

He said Fredua-Agyemang claimed he had forwarded the cars to the regional office of the BNI in Accra and on a number of occasions in¬vited the businessman to assist in investigations.

Mr. Awuni said instead of taking the man to the offices of the BNI, Fredua-Agyemang rather met him close to the premises of the BNI and tried to extort money from him.

He said at a point, Fredua-Agyemang demanded 10,000 dollars from the businessman to influence the BNI Director and other officials so that they could dispose of the case.

He said officials of the BNI heard of the case and upon investigations found out that the businessman had genuine documents covering the cars he imported.

Mr. Awuni said the businessman was then asked to invite Fredua-Agyemang to a place under the pretext of giving him the money.

He said Fredua-Agyemang obliged and was arrested at the Fiesta Royal hotel, Dzorwulu after he had collected the money.

Chief Superintendent Awuni said Fredua-Agyemang went there with Kpotivi, who he introduced to the business¬man as an investigator with the BNI.

He said that further checks conducted at the offices of the BNI revealed that Fredua-Agyemang was enlisted into the BNI on June 11, 2001 but he resigned on October 18, 2004.

He said records showed that Fredua-Agyemang on February 24, 2006 reapplied to be enlisted into the BNI but his application was rejected on February 27, 2006.

He said police found an unregistered pump action gun, when a search was conducted in Fredua-Agyemang's house.

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