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21.11.2007 NPP News

Mills: NPP aspirants are wasting money

Mills: NPP aspirants are wasting money

The flag-bearer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Professor John Evans Atta Mills, has expressed concern about the alleged huge sums of money aspirants of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) are investing in their campaigns ahead of the 2008 elections.

He questioned the source of those funds and asked how they intended to recoup such huge sums of money if they lost the elections. "Their investment would not yield any dividends, because Atta Mills would beat them in the elections."

Professor Atta Mills was speaking at the swearing-in and inauguration of the executive committee of the Greater Accra Regional Tertiary Educational Institutions Network (TEIN) of the NDC, in Accra.

In all, 11 executives were sworn into office. The ceremony was on the theme: "Victory 2008: The Role of the Youth".

"Where did these NPP aspirants get the money to run such expensive campaigns in this country?" the flag-bearer questioned.

"I am tempted to believe that there is something hidden at the Castle which the 19 aspirants are fighting to acquire, but I will beat them to it," he said.

He pointed out that he was coming into the race to serve Ghanaians and not to lord it over them. "We don't want leaders, but people who are ready to serve and develop society."

He said the NPP was a party full of arrogant people who did not care about the feelings of Ghanaians and enjoined Ghanaians to compare the tenure of the NDC with that of the NPP to enable them to make a good choice and vote wisely.

"Every Ghanaian can compare our stewardship with that of the NPP and make positive conclusions,"' he• added.

Professor Mills said the NDC was prepared to support the youth to achieve their potential in life and advised them to be vigilant at their polling stations on election day to ensure that the NDC came back to power in 2008.

A leading member of the NDC, Dr Tony Aidoo, who spoke on Danquah-Busia tradition, described the NPP government as the offshoot of the most violent group of people who could do anything for power.

"If there is any group of people who are violent and would do anything to stay in power, it is the NPP government because of their links with the Danquah-Busia tradition."

"The bloodiest coup d'etat that ever took place in the political history of this country was engineered and executed by some members of the Danquah-Busia tradition to oust the Nkrumah government and yet today they talk about democracy.

"They are an elite group of people practising fascism and not democracy and it is time Ghanaians voted them out," he added.

The Greater Accra President of TEIN, Mr Frederick Agbenyo, said the purpose of the youth in politics and good governance was for them to rally support behind the NDC and help Ghana to achieve its plans for the future.

He called on his colleagues to sacrifice their time and energy to monitor the 2008 elections and leave no room for cheating.

"We should go to polling stations with our national executives and monitor the elections to clear every attempt to cheat," he said.