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01.06.2007 General News

Another military brutality in Takoradi


For the second time in two weeks, some military officers in the Western regional capital have displayed their might over innocent civilians as well as police officers.

The Heritage reported that three Military Police officers and one Air Force officer had vented their wrath on police officers investigating a fraud case.

Though their names were immediately not available, a complainant who had allegedly been defrauded by a business man reported to the military officers that he had been duped by the man under the pretext of securing for him a visa to travel abroad and other traveling documents.

The report said though the said businessman collected the money several years ago, nothing showed he would be able to secure a visa for the complainant.

Upon realising that he had been duped, the complainant tried on several occasions to retrieve the said amount which ran into several millions of cedis; but all efforts proved futile, said The Heritage.

The report said the complainant took several persons known to the alleged business man's house with the hope of impressing upon him to repay the money he had fraudulently collected but to no avail. The
only advice that came into the duped man's mind was to report the matter to the military as a result.

After reporting the case, the four military officers volunteered to go and arrest the businessman. On their way to the house of the businessman, the military officers met him in the company of the Criminal
Investigation Department officer from the Kwesimintsim Police Station.

They then decided to arrest the businessman but were prevented from doing so by the police officer who disclosed his identity to the military officers and explained that he had been detailed to go to
arrest the complainant.

This, sources said infuriated the military officers who decided to teach the police officer a lesson for what they considered the habouring of a criminal. A fight then ensued with the police officer sustaining various degrees of injuries.

The Regional Commander of the Ghana Police Service, Kofi Duku Arthur confirmed the incident and said he had since reported it to the regional military command, adding that the police officer had since been treated and discharged.

Source: The Heritage