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26.04.2007 General News

Ghana receives budget support

By myjoyonline
The Deputy Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, Hon. Anthony Akoto Osei has revealed that Ghana has for the past four years received close to 1,148.93 billion cedis from donor agencies.

Hon Akoto Osei said that these monies came from bilateral and multilateral development partners.

These included Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Japan and the US, among others.

He added that the monies were targeted at key sectors of the Ghanaian economy. To ensure that the monies were used for their intended purposes a Multi Donor Budget Support conducts periodic evaluation.

The evaluations are done by Oversees Development Institute and Centre for Democratic Development.

He again stated that about 40 percent of the donor support came with conditions regarding the acceleration of growth in key areas of the economy, these included education, health and legislature among others.

Akoto Osei emphasized that the development partners have for the past four years shown their commitment towards government's agenda by contributing 249.9 million dollars in 2004; 281.88 million dollars in 2005; 312.12 million dollars in 2006 and 112 million dollars.

He was of the view that the country is on course to attract more development partners to help develop other sectors of the economy.

Source: The Daily Ghanaian Voice