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26.04.2007 General News

Legon lecturers threatened with death

By myjoyonline
Legon lecturers threatened with death

A group at the University of Ghana, Legon, on Wednesday issued death threats in a statement to some lecturers of the premier institution.

The statement which was signed in blood was received at about 5pm.

Tagged "Operation BHABOTOLD" from the Militant African Youth Against Neo-colonialism with its head quarters in Accra, it read.

"Your silence on a sensitive issue as the proposed in-out-out-out residential policy has only made you an ally to the Vice Chancellor's imperialist bulls…t".

"We have categorically stated that the content of the policy, its timing and modus operandi are all with sinister motive.

"You know that quality university education goes beyond writing examinations, but that is what you are bent on doing, despite our calls for a general boycott, until that neo-colonialist policy is withdrawn outright.

"For this reason, you or/and your family have become targets for "Operation Bhabotold".

The statement explained Bhabotold as: Acid attacks (you and your family), Arson (Your home, car, office), Poisoning (your water sources), Electrify (your homes, cars and offices with the meaning to kill), Maiming, kidnapping etc.

We shall make you an example for history.

The statement concluded: "NB: Contact the UTAG Secretariat at once since our action commences in exactly 72 hours from now. We shall conduct a ballot and if you are unlucky, we shall commence with you and your family.

A copy of the statement was copied to the Radio Universe.

When contacted, a source close to the university said that "a report had been made to the Legon Police."

It noted that this is the first time that they have received such threats which came at the heels of the decision to introduce a new accommodation policy for the university next academic year.

"This threat is not likely to sway the university," the source emphasized.

Students of the university staged a demonstration last week in protest against the university's new residential policy.

The demonstration was for the university authorities to halt the new policy referred to as "in-out-out-out policy.

Source: The Ghanaian Times