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23.04.2007 Business & Finance

Institute strong controls over mining companies

By Market Watch

Government ahs been asked to institute stronger control on the mining industry in order to mitigate the negative impact it has on the poor and venerable in society.

Two NGOs, the FIAN and the WACAM have complained at press conferences that the large scale mining industries threaten food security and livelihood of people.

They complained that any local community which depends on renewable resources suffers losses as a result if mining and their livelihoods are undetermined and their social organizations are disrupted and their culture transformed.

Cash compensation, if paid, cannot restore these loses as the effect of mining continued even if closed or abandoned.

The organizations continued to say that it is well known that the poor use natural resources to survive and for their livelihood therefore it is them who suffer the most when mines deny them access to these natural resources.

Mr. Anane said that though mines cannot be wished away, it is important for the Government to subject control on these mines in order to educe the negative impact that these mines have in people who rely on natural resources and on others.

He also said that people should be able to have the right to protest against mines being built in their communities so that social consideration is brought about as well as economic consideration.

Mr. Anane also said that serious human rights are abused due to mining which has led to serious concerns for communities and their rights.

Citing an incident, Mr. Anane spoke of a community where some citizens were brutalized by workers. He then called on the miners in that community to make sure that this does not occur again.

Mr. Daniel Owusu of WACAM said that it is time Ghanaians stood up for their rights and their motto of freedom. After 50 years of independence and nationhood, the country should also allow the poor to access their rights and freedom.