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14.04.2007 General News

President of GaDangme Council calls for cool heads

By myjoyonline
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The President of the GaDangme Council, Mr. K.B Asante is calling for reforms of the succession structure in the Ga State to forestall a recurrence of the current chieftaincy dispute.

Mr. Asante attributes the continuing disagreement over who is the rightful heir to the Ga stool to the non adherence to the succession structure which has seen three persons laying claim to the throne.

He told Joy News that the culture of the Ga State and the chieftaincy institution risk shameful ramifications if the disagreements persist.

Mr. Asante said there are several mediating offices and roles in the succession structure of the Ga State which must be harmonised for peaceful successions, explaining that apart from the office and roles of the Dzase, there are the Wulumei, Seitsemei, and several others who must all come to agreement in enstooling a king.

He maintained that in a situation where there are several claimants to the same throne, it is obvious the structure is being abused and suggested that all the claimants submit to a peaceful settlement.

Mr. Asante said the whole world is looking up to the Ga State to settle the dispute amicably and should it become protracted, Gas would be the laughing stock and none will take them serious.

He said the Council has invited very respectable and knowledgeable persons on Ga customs who are ready to sit and listen to all the sides and urged all involved to submit to arbitration.