Trouble for the NPP as some of its stalwarts are poised to go independent

Feature Article Trouble for the NPP as some of its stalwarts are poised to go independent

It seems the odds are stacked against the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the general elections of 2024.

Voters take into account a number of factors before casting their ballots, and the state of the economy is in disarray and many analysts predict it will get worse.

Furthermore, some prominent members of the party have begun to declare their intention to run against the party in the next parliamentary election which would undoubtedly have the potential to impact the NPP's performance in the election, as it could lead to a split in the party's support base and dilute its overall strength.

And it remains to be seen how this trend will play out in the election and what implications it will have for the NPP's prospects of retaining power.

This decisions have raised eyebrows within the party and has sparked speculation about the reasons behind it. Some of the reasons cited for this trend include dissatisfaction with the party leadership, disagreements over party policies and decisions; and alleged victimisation by the Bawumia-Nana cabal.

Some of the leading figures of the NPP who have expressed interest to contest as parliamentary candidates include Charles Owusu, a former Head of the Monitoring Unit at the Forestry Commission of Ghana, who has declared his intention to contest the parliamentary seat in Nkoranza North.

Former New Patriotic Party (NPP) Member of Parliament (MP) for La DadeKotopon, Vincent Sowah Odotei popularly known as Obama, has also declared his intention to contest the December parliamentary election as an independent candidate.

An NPP activist and social commentator Kwame Obeng Asare, popularly known as A Plus, is among those who have declared their intention to contest as independent candidates in the 2024 polls, and he has targeted the Gomoa Central Parliamentary seat.

The Obuasi West Constituency has been a safe haven for the NPP since 1996, but a significant challenge awaits the ruling party in the general elections of 2024, since a prominent party member and a former strong candidate for the party's chairperson position in the constituency has announced his decision to to run as an independent candidate.

Consequently, as to whether the NPP will "Break the Eight" and win majority parliamentary seats on December 7,

in the face of these worrying developments, time will tell.

Anthony Obeng Afrane