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Religious Suicide: A Silent Threat in Africa

Religious Suicide: A Silent Threat in Africa

When we hear of suicide, we think of someone hanging themselves with a rope, pointing a gun at themselves, or opting for assisted suicide at a hospital. However, there is a silent but powerful killer claiming many lives and robbing many of their destinies: religious suicide.

It acts so innocently and tends to be harmless, but within its depths lies an irreversible poison and cancer that ravages humanity, including the rich and the poor, the small and great, the illiterate and the educated whose years of education have been rendered futile by religious indoctrination and hearsay.

Religious suicide in Africa is a complex issue driven by fear, misinterpretation of scriptures, indoctrination, and deliberate manipulation, making it difficult for individuals to break free.

In 2012, I encountered an individual named Kingsley who belonged to a specific religious denomination known for its door-to-door evangelism. One afternoon, seeking respite from the intense heat in Kasoa, I sat at my doorstep when Kingsley politely approached me to engage in a religious discussion.

During our faith-based discussion, he presented me with a copy of "What Does the Bible Teach Us?" and I inquired about his belief in prophecy. Surprisingly, he expressed skepticism, stating that he no longer believes God communicates with humanity, rendering all contemporary prophecies invalid.

Despite my astonishment, I attempted to engage him in a respectful dialogue, presenting scriptural evidence to challenge his stance. However, he seemed unwilling to consider my perspective.

Religious suicide is often committed by individuals who are subjected to coercive control and discouraged from seeking outside assistance, despite the absence of effective solutions within their religious community.

Each individual possesses unique talents and abilities bestowed upon them by a higher power, which should be utilized for the betterment of society. Regrettably, numerous lives are lost daily as a result of indoctrination.

A recent instance involved the untimely demise of a young pastor who, due to his religious beliefs, declined medical treatment for diabetes. This unfortunate decision led to his deteriorating health and the subsequent loss of his life, leaving behind his spouse and young children. It is plausible that if not for the influence of religious indoctrination, his life could have been prolonged or even saved.

It is unfortunate that many individuals have experienced emotional distress and felt compelled to conform to societal or religious expectations, suppressing their true selves in the process.

Individuals who exhibit authentic behavior may encounter criticism, social rejection, and derogatory labels, such as "Absalom."

Religious indoctrination and manipulation have had a devastating impact, leading to the destruction of talent, the scattering of families, and the loss of countless opportunities. Many individuals suffer unnecessarily due to beliefs in non-existent entities. Certain religious groups employ cultish tactics, instilling fear and issuing dire warnings to prevent members from leaving or distancing themselves.

The purpose of serving God should be to liberate individuals from all forms of fear and bondage. The church should be a place where individuals seek and find spiritual freedom. Regrettably, many churches have become the very chains that people are attempting to escape.

Religion becomes deadly when led by people whose mode of power enslaves people to satisfy their egos and greed. It's time to flee from anything that seeks to turn our earthly paradise into a hell.

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