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Ghana Elections and the Rise of Partisan Prophets

Ghana Elections and the Rise of Partisan Prophets

The upcoming 2024 elections in Ghana are anticipated to witness a surge in individuals claiming to possess prophetic knowledge about the winning party. These unethical actions have had detrimental consequences for the nation's citizens.

Ghana's strong religious beliefs have created an environment where certain individuals exploit the population's faith for personal gain. This concerning trend generates confusion, particularly among new converts and non-religious individuals, who may question the credibility of prophetic ministries when conflicting predictions emerge regarding the same election.

It is crucial to discourage the practice of basing votes on prophecies and instead emphasize policies and living standards as the primary considerations.

Numerous individuals claiming to be prophets are, in fact, political party members who exploit their religious positions to promote their party's interests through prophecies. While every citizen has the right to freedom of association as outlined in the 1992 constitution, it is essential that they openly declare their political affiliations rather than using spirituality to advance their personal agendas. It is imperative that we cease providing a platform for these individuals who exploit their religious positions for political gain.

It is unnecessary to seek divine guidance when exercising our right to vote, as we possess the wisdom, knowledge, and conscience to make informed decisions about our nation's leadership.

The Christian Council and other religious organizations have a responsibility to protect our Christian faith by promoting sound doctrines that enable citizens to discern between genuine prophets and those who make predictions based on personal desires rather than divine inspiration.

The exclusive authority to make prophecies has been eliminated, enabling each of us to directly receive divine guidance through diligent seeking, rather than relying on external influences to determine our electoral choices.

As stated in Matthew 24:11, "Many false prophets will emerge and mislead many."

It is crucial to be cautious of these deceptive and biased individuals who, with their polished demeanors, may attempt to sway our political preferences towards a specific party.

May divine blessings be bestowed upon Ghana, our homeland, and may we be granted the presence of authentic prophets who hold reverence for God.

By Richard Tawiah
Maryland USA

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