Protect your identity now to avoid online impersonation — Rotimi Onadipe uges Internet users

  Tue, 16 Apr 2024
Technology Protect your identity now to avoid online impersonation — Rotimi Onadipe uges Internet users

In an effort to combat online impersonation and protect internet users from falling victim to cybercrime, Rotimi Onadipe, the publisher of Internet Safety Magazine (ISM), issued a crucial advisory.

He urged individuals to safeguard their online identity by regularly conducting searches about themselves online, enabling them to detect any potential misuse of their personal information for criminal activities.

Speaking from the office of Internet Safety Magazine in Ibadan, the capital of Oyo State, Onadipe shared his message aimed at educating internet users on safer online practices.

Under the title "Protect Your Identity Now to Avoid Online Impersonation," Onadipe emphasized the vulnerability of internet users' personal information to exploitation by cybercriminals. He highlighted how easily names, pictures, and various personal details could be accessed and misused for nefarious purposes on the internet.

"Cybercriminals exploit this readily available personal data to impersonate unsuspecting individuals, utilizing their identities to perpetrate crimes," Onadipe explained.

He stressed the importance for internet users to proactively monitor their online presence by conducting regular searches across different search engines and social media platforms. By doing so, individuals can detect any instances where their personal information has been unlawfully utilized.

"If, during an internet search, we uncover instances of someone using our personal details for criminal activities, the immediate action is to disclaim it, share the disclaimer widely on social media platforms, and report the incident to the appropriate authorities for prompt intervention," Onadipe advised.