The most lucrative but unproductive job in Ghana today is…..

Feature Article The most lucrative but unproductive job in Ghana today is..

I may sound a bit confusing by the title of this honest publication. How could it be lucrative and unproductive at the same time without being mind-boggling?

In Ghana today, the most lucrative job to land when you intend making quick buck is politics. Any area of politics that you enter, you will in no time be making serious money to the astonishment of many an honest and God-fearing person.

Regardless of your position in politics, it suffices to be serious and well-connected and sooner, money will be falling from the sky into your pocket without much sweat.

You may be the president of the country, member of parliament, metropolitan/municipal/district chief executive, party executive, party radio phone-in serial-caller, or a close friend of a top politician, you still stand the easy chance of making load of money without much sweat, if not just at the crack of your fingers without even bothering to indulge yourself in any tedious abracadabra incantations.

With the motive of making easy money, many a Ghanaian is getting actively involved in politics and may not think twice, or hesitate, to harm their colleagues to achieve their objective. They may do whatever it takes to clear anyone deemed a hindrance to achieving their motive from their way. This is a fact that only dishonest political criminals will dare dispute or rubbish.

Many government sector ministers and their deputies, government appointees of all sorts, political parties’ top members and their loquacious but lying communication directors/members and acclaimed shallow-minded radio-phone-in serial callers, are all making serious money without a bead of sweat dropping down their forehead.

The supporters, agents and assigns of these politicians, especially the mostly abounding greenhorn journalists in Ghana aligning themselves with political parties both in power and in opposition, are making more money than the mind can imagine.

Much as they make all these illegal wealth overnight, they are not contributing positively towards the development of the nation but her wreckage. They steal more from the nation than they obtain for the nation. This is a gospel truth!

How many penniless persons entering politics in the various capacities as mentioned above have not in a year or two come out extremely wealthy persons? This shows their level of corruptibility, an obstruction to the social-economic emancipation of Ghana, if not Africa.

By the level of their infatuation with corruption and their engagement in all nefarious activities on intent to enrich themselves within the lifetime of their appointment, or during the period of their sycophantic subordinating role as seen played by some unprofessional journalists and radio programme presenters, how can they be productive?

They are earning or taking from the nation tenfold as much of what they earn for the country. No wonder that many Ghanaians desire to take to politics to acquire wealth easy-peasy.

I see the Ghanaian politicians and their agents and assigns as mostly saboteurs, corrupt, dishonest, avaricious, and unproductive, unlike their counterparts in the Western developed world where laws are enforced and obeyed with their politicians serving the people and the country but not served.

This brief publication is a prelude to my intended raining down of brimstone and fire on these lazy but corrupt politicians ruining Ghana.

We have a duty to liberate Ghana from the grips of these selfish and greedy politicians who are without the collective love of the nation at heart but the attainment of their obvious selfish motives.