Burn Down My Church If Bawumia Doesn’t Win – Is That Prophecy From God Or Man?

Feature Article Burn Down My Church If Bawumia Doesnt Win – Is That Prophecy From God Or Man?

One of the contentious remarks made by a so-called prophet that has angered people on social media is, "Burn down my church if Bawumia doesn't win." Being a prophet has no negative aspects, but when someone claiming to be a prophet makes a prophecy that is not from God but from him, it is disrespectful to the people and goes against God's will. As a Christian who believes in the Bible, the gospel, or God, I think this so-called prophet's assertion is untrue. This article will reveal that.

Many people believe that being a pastor is one of the best ways to survive in Ghana, which is turning into one of the most difficult countries in West Africa as a result of rampant corruption, money laundering, and economic mismanagement. In Ghana, there are countless signs featuring mushroom prophets, surpassing even the road signs meant to save lives on the treacherous roads. This is because, more than just being a pastor, claiming to be a prophet is the quickest way to become well-known.

As previously stated, there is nothing wrong with being a prophet; nonetheless, it is about someone who has come forth to suggest to Ghanaians that "his church should be burned down if Bawumia does not win the presidential seat in the 2024 elections." What makes Bawumia unique in the eyes of Ghanaians, considering that he is currently the vice president and is accountable for the downfall of the economy, businesses, and investments that resulted in massive unexplained debt and financial loss for the state?

Together with the president, Akufo Addo, the former finance minister, Ken Ofori-Atta, Bawumia, and the governor of the Bank of Ghana, they worked together to make a dubious deal to cost the nation a waste of 60 billion GHC. The same Bawumia collaborated with Ernest Addison without parliament’s approval, further destabilizing Ghana's already precarious economy and leading to the collapse of businesses and both local and foreign investments. Did God send a word to that so-called prophet about this disaster?

Why do Ghanaians, including some pastors, prefer to support these politicians who ought to be imprisoned in many developing nations, let alone a developed one, rather than caring about the disastrous state of the people and the financial and political crimes the NPP has committed to destroy the country’s infrastructure in a way that has never been seen before? Can the so-called prophet explain to Ghanaians "why God gave him that message of Bawumia's victory?" I believe the people will be happy.

God designates a prophet or prophetess to speak on God's behalf. As God's messengers, their duty was to accurately convey His message, regardless of the time or the news. The Bible contains references to or mentions of roughly 88 prophets; 63 of them are found in the Old Testament and 25 in the New. According to the Bible, each of these individuals had a vision or dream from God asking them to speak with the people on their behalf. They then conveyed the word to the people.

Did God show up to the person who said Ghanaians should burn down his church if Bawumia doesn’t win to give him the message? Bawumia is a habitual liar who couldn't even stop himself from lying during the days of Ramadan. God detests wickedness and lying tongues. Speaking to Ghanaians during Ramadan last year, he claimed that the NPP had created 2.5 million jobs that don't exist; thus, he lied. Is that what God was pleased about to give him victory in 2024?

If it is true that Ghanaians have low IQs, then the so-called prophet must also have a low IQ. I am one of the writers on the Modern Ghana platform who is not interested in supporting the corrupt and incompetent NPP government. Even though practically all of my articles regarding the government's impending collapse have come to pass, I believe I am not entitled to call myself Prophet Joel Savage since it is false to inform Ghanaians that I received communication from God.

Apart from the financial crimes that Bawumia has committed with the governor of the Bank of Ghana, he also stole money from COVID-19 funds. More importantly, the majority of Ghanaians have expressed their disapproval of him as president because he is accountable for the disaster that has befallen the country. So when someone says that “his church should be burned down if Bawumia doesn’t become president,” it suggests that there are more false prophets in Ghana than just the one that Jesus warned the world to beware of.

Bawumia and Akufo Addo cut countless sods to start projects under the NPP administration, but they were unable to construct even a single hospital to be proud of. The two worst things the NPP did were rename institutions and, more crucially, let all of the previous administration's unfinished projects fall into decay. What makes a failed vice president, Bawumia, eligible to be president, for a false prophet to tell Ghanaians to set fire to his church if Bawumia is not elected president,?

In Ghana, there are a lot of so-called prophets and pastors who operate with demonic forces rather than the power of God. A few years ago, one of Bawumia's assistants passed away mysteriously, and on January 13, 2024, the president's wife, Samira Bawumia, driver, also passed away in an automobile accident. If the "false prophet" thinks Bawumia will prevail based on these human sacrificial lambs, then he is fooling himself. Voting will take place in Ghana to select a leader, not through vote-rigging or bogus prophecies.