Sarkodie's song "Inflation" Against Mahama, Exposes The Musician’s Ignorance-Intertwined Tribalism

Feature Article Sarkodie's song Inflation Against Mahama, Exposes The Musicians Ignorance-Intertwined Tribalism

Although the history of the Ashanti Nation is fascinating and amazing, thousands of people are still far behind civilization, among them is the Ghanaian musician Sarkodie, even though it is known that civilization originated in Africa. Lyrics are just as vital in drawing in listeners, especially, when educative and inspiring, to give the artist recognition, but it's now abundantly evident that Sarkodie's criticism of Ghana's good economy under Mahama was motivated by ignorance and tribalism.


Similar to how Paul Adom-Otchere supported Akufo Addo's misdeeds, especially financial crimes, Sarkodie stood up for the president when Al Jazeera, an international media outlet, exposed him in their documentary film "Gold Mafia," which investigated the president's non-official gold dealings.

Sarkodie wrote a song criticizing former President Mahama years ago because he believed his administration was the worst and most unfit for Ghanaians. Sarkodie bemoans the lack of consistent electricity, saying, "The country is full of surprises, we still live in crises," and he calls on Ghanaians to visit the Kantamanto market to check commodity prices as everything is falling apart in the country. However, Akufo Addo's incompetence and corruption have exposed the musician’s ignorance.

As I paid close attention to the lyrics of "Inflation," it occurred to me that Sarkodie was more inspired by tribalism to create the song than that inflation he claims affected Ghana because, in contrast to how Akufo Addo and his NPP-Mafioso gang have destroyed Ghana and left nothing intact for the next generation, including children to survive on or to be proud of, whatever he sang against has instead exposed the musician as an illiterate rather than an intelligent musician.

Akufo Addo's lack of education has increased his inclination toward crime, which he couldn't control. The only way he could demonstrate this was by engaging in widespread corruption with impunity, which led to money laundering that severely damaged the economy, businesses, and investments, and also encouraged other NPP politicians, like Eugene Arhin and Cecilia Dapaah, to steal. Sarkodie, like many Ashantis, believed that Akufo Addo becoming president would be the greatest asset to every Ghanaian.

He sang about several issues impacting Ghanaians under Mahama's rule, including the line, "If the country is destroyed, it falls at our feet." This is where, even though I am not a psychologist, I rapidly deduced that, from the perspective of the up-and-coming musician. He knew Akufo Addo would support him financially to set the stage for his tribal impulses against John Mahama. From then until now, Sarkodie’s lack of brain, wisdom, and vision has made him an ignorant musician.

The musician has now come to understand his ignorance among individuals, including pastors and leaders of religious organizations, who, in their blindness, never imagined that Akufo Addo would prove to be the most corrupt, inept, and worthless politician in Ghanaian history. Sarkodie is currently under pressure and fighting in the music business to regain his momentum after losing some of his fans, a subject he would prefer to avoid discussing for fear of embarrassing himself in front of Ghanaians.

The majority of Ashantis have been psychologically impacted by tribalism, which has warped their brains. As a result, many Ashantis viewed the NPP party as their "messiah," even though it has denied Ghanaians, including their people, development in the Ashanti Region, where they are the strongest. Therefore, when Matthew Opoku Prempeh stated that the Ashantis don't need developments but that providing them party T-shirts can help the party win votes, Ghanaians weren't overly shocked.

Sarkodie sang "Nana toaso," urging Ghanaians to experience the most despotic, autocratic, corrupt, and money-laundering regime in the country's political history while standing with the visionless Ghanaians chanting "Four more years for Nana?" The nation lost more than 60 billion GHC and had more than 400 million USD in COVID-19 monies pilfered. Also, went into dubious agreements with foreign businesses at the same time, which benefited Akufo Addo and his family more than the general populace.

The NPP government destroyed the nation's financial institutions by using more money than was necessary to save them when they faced difficulties. While the NPP left all the unfinished projects, including John Mahama's hospitals and schools, to rot, the government incurred enormous debt, including spending over 58 million dollars on a cathedral without a foundation. Projects whose foundations were cut about seven years ago have not even been started.

Seeing nothing wrong with Akufo Addo’s financial crimes, Sarkodie chose to back Akufo Addo's "free education," which also turned out to be a failure. The musician is now adrift, like a piece of paper caught in the wind, unsure of how to turn his situation around. Unfortunately, his lack of wisdom means that there is little he can do to save himself. The NPP is being severely punished by God, as all that was used by Sarkodie to remove the NDC from power has come back to haunt them.

I see Sarkodie as the male equivalent of the fake gospel musician Diana Asamoah; both of them lack integrity and are part of those responsible for the harm and suffering caused to Ghanaians because of the money and contracts they gain from corrupt Akufo Addo. Sarkodie should understand that music is done based on passion, not on tribalism and deception. Ghanaians will view them as nation wreckers rather than great artists who played moral roles in society.