NSS unveils 'Deployment for Employment' vision with Newmont Ghana

By Amanda Atunah II Contributor
Business & Finance NSS unveils 'Deployment for Employment' vision with Newmont Ghana

The Director of Mobilisation and Investment at the National Service Scheme (NSS), Mr. Eric Okyei, has unveiled the Scheme's new vision, "Deployment for Employment," during a stakeholders' engagement with Newmont Ghana Limited and its subsidiaries.

The event held at Kenyase in the Ahafo Region marked the first time NSS engaged stakeholders from the private sector in the region.

Addressing the gathering, Mr. Okyei emphasised the NSS's commitment to addressing the pressing issue of youth unemployment in Ghana.

He highlighted the scheme's recognition of the crucial role played by the private sector in driving economic growth, underscoring the need for a collaborative approach to tackling unemployment effectively.

"The NSS's new vision is a strategic shift towards private sector-driven deployment. I must say that the scheme's efforts to align deployment patterns with the needs of private sector companies ensure that service personnel are matched with positions relevant to their academic and professional backgrounds," he noted.

Acknowledging past challenges, particularly regarding the suitability of deployed personnel, Mr. Okyei reassured stakeholders of the NSS's dedication to improving the quality of deployments.

"Under the new vision, service personnel will undergo rigorous training and development during their national service, preparing them for seamless integration into the workforce upon completion of their tenure. The NSS's revamped approach offers significant opportunities for the private sector, providing access to a pool of skilled and motivated young graduates," he indicated.

He further indicated that through the scheme's platforms, such as the "Flair" and website, companies can easily identify and select qualified personnel for deployment or permanent employment, fostering a symbiotic relationship between the private sector and service personnel.

“I urge private sector stakeholders to actively participate in the deployment process, emphasising the mutual benefits of increased collaboration. With plans to deploy approximately 200,000 service personnel this year, the NSS aims to allocate between 40 and 45 percent of deployments to the private sector, a significant increase from previous years,” he assured.

The stakeholders' engagement was a vital moment in the NSS's journey towards enhancing youth employment opportunities and fostering partnerships with the private sector.