Is Ghana Listed As One Of The Top 10 Nations With The Lowest IQ?

Feature Article Is Ghana Listed As One Of The Top 10 Nations With The Lowest IQ?

I stumbled upon an article with the title "Who has the lowest IQ in the world? 10 countries with the lowest IQ in the 2024 Report" that was published by "Business Day." The Intelligence Quotient article examines how intelligence is distributed among various groups, taking into account the impact of education, socioeconomic status, diet, and heredity. The inclusion of Ghana among the ten nations—Nepal, Liberia, Guinea, Nicaragua, Sierra Leone, Cape Verde, and Ivory Coast—surprised me.

I was taken aback because Ghana is home to some of the top secondary schools and universities in West Africa, and many Africans are honored to have their children enrolled in Ghanaian institutions. Nevertheless, considering the prospect of Ghana being added to the list more broadly, I will need to delve further and highlight some of the problems that give the impression that Ghanaians are either not intelligent or not serious about their country, based on their actions and words.

As we all know, every country has a history filled with great leaders who fought for their nation's liberation from foreign aggression. One of the most influential African leaders in history, Kwame Nkrumah, is well-known to both past and present world leaders for the things he accomplished for Ghana and other African countries. Still, a lot of Ghanaian politicians act as though Kwame Nkrumah is unworthy of respect, which speaks more about their ignorance than their intelligence.

Ghana is a strongly religious nation; therefore, it seems that people rely on God to provide answers to their problems rather than dealing with the issues that impact them. The question is, if government officials are corrupt and use widespread corruption and money laundering to create poverty and lower the quality of education and healthcare, then why can't the public speak out against what is killing them, ruining the country, and destroying the economy? That is just one more indication of low IQ.

Ghana has had numerous military revolutions since gaining its independence, and although the nation has successfully transitioned from a military to a democratic system, it is still unclear whether the nation is ruled by a dictator or by a military that has adopted democratic principles. This country is being watched closely by the world, while the president disrespects the constitution and encourages government crimes that have cost the nation over 60 billion GHC, yet Ghanaians are quiet.

A person lusting for power was able to trick Ghanaians into believing that the president in office was dishonest and incompetent, leading them to believe that Ghana should be reformed like Dubai. The people fell for his trick and he named his relative as the finance minister, allowing corruption to further devastate the nation. Ghanaians, however, don't think that's improper at all. That is proof that IQ syndrome exists.

A president pulled down a hospital without reconstructing it and destroyed state properties to build a cathedral, for which the government has already spent 58 million dollars without foundation. Ghanaians see nothing wrong with that and continue to support such a government, believing that it will save them even in the face of defeats in the health and education sectors. This is an additional source indicating that many Ghanaians are not intelligent.

The politicians, who one wants to be president, are the same ones who engaged in financial and political crimes, such as printing new money three times without parliamentary approval and engaging in shady deals that caused Ghana's economy, businesses, and investments to collapse, yet Ghanaians don't see anything wrong with this. The fact that they keep tolerating issues affecting them without doing anything about them makes many think they are not intelligent people.

Many Ghanaians, including pastors, journalists, and writers, are not concerned enough about the state's precarious situation to come up with solutions to address it. Instead, they devote a significant portion of their time to writing false articles that support a corrupt government that has destroyed the nation's infrastructure and, more importantly, criticize the opposition, which has a better track record of governing in light of current events. This is an additional reason for the low intelligence quotient.

Foreign leaders, including those in Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Germany, Holland, Belgium, and other countries, are more aware of what is going on in Ghana than most Ghanaians are. If it were easier for them, they would have criticized the ignorance and stupidity of many African politicians. Louis Farrakhan, the leader of the Nation of Islam, explained that lack of intelligence when he claimed that African leaders had all the wealth at their disposal but still traveled to ask for financial assistance.
Until Ghanaians acknowledge how immoralities, including, widespread corruption, illegal mining, tribalism, shady deals, and money laundering, have destroyed the country, and find solutions to deal with it, their intelligence will remain hidden, and the world will continue to view us as people with the lowest IQ among nations that are incapable of even interacting with our magnificent country.