Kumasi Mayor commends Bloomberg Philanthropies for continued support of road safety initiatives

By Francis Appiah || Contributor
Regional News Kumasi Mayor commends Bloomberg Philanthropies for continued support of road safety initiatives

Hon. Sam Pyne, the Mayor of Kumasi, expressed gratitude to Bloomberg Philanthropies, USA, for their ongoing support of road safety initiatives in the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly (KMA).

He noted that the partnership between the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly and the Bloomberg Initiative for Global Road Safety (BIRGS) has led to a significant reduction in road traffic accidents in Kumasi and its surroundings.

Hon. Sam Pyne highlighted the assistance provided by Bloomberg Philanthropies, including the provision of speed barometers to the Motor Traffic and Transport Department (MTTD), support for speed awareness campaigns, and engagement with various stakeholders such as the media, police, metro guards, and transport unions on road safety issues.

During a courtesy call by Ms. Rebecca Bavinger from Bloomberg Philanthropies, USA, Hon. Sam Pyne informed her that the KMA has completed the education stage and is now focusing on enforcement. He mentioned that the assembly has already arrested and prosecuted around 600 offenders for various road and traffic offenses in the metropolis.

In addition to Bloomberg Philanthropies, the KMA is collaborating with other road safety partners, including Vital Strategies, NRSA, and BRRI, to prioritize road safety in the metropolis.

Ms. Rebecca Bavinger expressed surprise at the KMA's progress in enforcement, noting that other institutions are still in the education stage. She praised the positive impact of Bloomberg Philanthropies' support on the city and reiterated their commitment to continuing assistance.

Ms. Bavinger highlighted the importance of supporting the Mayor, as the administrative head of the city, in addressing grievances and promoting the livelihoods of local residents.

She was in Kumasi to attend the Joint Launch of the Kumasi Status Summary Report and Speed Management Plan at the Lancaster Hotel, further demonstrating Bloomberg Philanthropies' commitment to improving road safety in the city.