03.04.2024 Business Features

Mahama pledges support for AGI to boost industrial growth

By Beyonce Diamond Kpogli II Contributor
Mahama pledges support for AGI to boost industrial growth
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In a bid to foster industrial growth across all 16 regions of Ghana, former President John Mahama, the flagbearer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), articulated his party's commitment to implementing robust industrial policies.

Speaking at a gathering with the Association Ghana of Industries (AGI) council at the Coconut Groove Hotel in Accra, Mahama outlined plans to leverage each region's comparative advantages and collaborate with the private sector to establish specialized industrial processing zones.

The cornerstone of Mahama's vision lies in the integration of these initiatives within the framework of a 24-hour Economy policy, designed to address longstanding challenges such as inadequate access to raw materials, credit facilities, high utility tariffs, taxes, and limited market access. By tackling these constraints head-on, Mahama aims to revitalize industries, enhance production capacity, and generate employment opportunities, both for domestic consumption and export markets.

Central to the 24-hour Economy policy is the commitment to provide uninterrupted public sector services crucial for business operations. Mahama emphasized the need for round-the-clock operations at key institutions, including ports, the Lands Commission, the Office of the Registrar of Companies, and courts, complemented by enhanced safety measures such as street lighting and security patrols to foster a conducive business environment.

Despite his ambitious industrial agenda, Mahama did not shy away from criticizing Energy Minister Dr. Mathew Opoku Prempeh's dismissive remarks regarding citizens' calls for a power outage schedule. Mahama condemned such remarks as disrespectful to the concerns of Ghanaians and electricity consumers, underscoring the importance of transparent communication and accountability in governance.

"I'm aware that businesses and households can not plan because of the erratic power situation, when citizens demanded for a schedule to enable them plan, which is the least that the responsible government should be doing, energy minister Dr. Mathew Opoku Prempeh who was one of the frontline participants in the Dumsor Must Stop campaign while in opposition is reported to have said that those asking for a load shedding time table wish for the country and they should publish their own schedule," he stated.

In a call for unity and collaboration, Mahama urged all stakeholders to set aside political differences and work towards building a prosperous Ghana. He reassured AGI of the NDC's unwavering support in promoting their goods and products both locally and on the international stage, should the party regain power. This pledge underscores Mahama's commitment to fostering a conducive environment for economic growth and development, driven by collaboration and inclusivity.