This You Must Know that; Africa needs to regain its Sovereignty.

By Ghana Diaspora Youth Movement
Commentary This You Must Know that; Africa needs to regain its Sovereignty.
APR 2, 2024 LISTEN

Africa, the continent of disease, wars, farmine, hunger, poor, primitiveness, and many more are the labels slapped on the continent that powers the west and other emerging economies across the globe.

Stripped of everything that is dignifying, its sel-reliance, confidence as well as material resources, it has suffered decades of plundering and murder of its children, its good leaders given bad names and hunged, made to become the hub of corruption for the benefit of the non corrupt west, and has had the knee of its oppressors on her neck for over 400 years.

But the time has come and Africa has began rising and she is setting out a path towards true independence, prosperity and economic sovereignty.

The rest of Africa like its awakening francophone nations must call for a rejection of the policy prescriptions offered by the former colonial powers through the neocolonial bilateral agreements that puts shackles on her worse than those before the so-called obtained freedom.

As Africa boasts of its young generation, a renewed faith in the energy and creativity of Africa’s peoples, and a step-by-step programme to build sovereignty through the expansion of domestic production in energy, food and value added goods is essential for the continents true economic freedom.

Africa is said to have been colonised because it was poor, but rather precisely, it was because it was and continues to be a very wealthy continent. Colonialism was fundamentally about extracting, plundering, stealing and extortion of Africas natural resources and labour power, but most importantly and realistically, it was about the establishment of a western ruled economic, political, legal, educational and cultural ecosystem to institutionalise and whitegood an abusive power structure, to affirm it as the unescapable model of economic development, and to acclimate the natives to embrace so that the colonial masters can regrow their chopped off roots after the end of their physical presence.

Well thought and mapped out colonial institutions were not just administrative, bureaucratic, organisational, and legal codes, but they were also habits of thoughts and routines of behaviour that were deeply embedded within the social fabric of the neocolonial states.


So how can African nations undo these colonial and neocolonial shackles and mobilise their resources to achieve higher quality of life, prosperity, equity, and economic sovereignty and justice for their people?

First, we must undertake a prolific detective-like forensic analysis to reveal the roots of these neocolonial shackles that are not just placed on the continents neck, but has enslaved the brains of those who ought to stand up to fight for liberation and true freedom. We must acknowledge that we need a breed of selfless leaders who are ready to cut ties with the global economies that have their knees on Africas neck and those that are oppressing it from becoming economically free. A coherent long-term vision for a comprehensive, multipronged, and sustained policy framework must be put in place. One that cannot be interrupted by short-time political arithmetics and west dictated terms of policy shaped shackles.

Africa need to establish a rigorous financing mechanism, powered by its own resources that is transparently managed, equitable, just, and sustainable ensuring fair distribution of its wealth. Africas true freedom is actually within reach. The youth however must rise up to the task to make demands but most importantantly, step up the call to fight for a better future for their children devoid of Western and global power oppression. Africa has everything it needs to sustain and develope. All that is needed is a realistic policy framework to achieve it.

This is the Diaspora Lens
By Ghana Diaspora Youth Movement
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