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Oppression towards Nigerians in Ghana is too much – Nigerian community in Kasoa

By Simon Tetteh II Contributor
Oppression towards Nigerians in Ghana is too much – Nigerian community in Kasoa
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Chief David Ukueku, President of Urobo Progress Union of Ghana, has said Nigerians in Ghana are being oppressed and wrongfully accused.

The comment follows a false accusation of a Nigerian man for an alleged loss of the penis of a Ghanaian after being touched. The Nigerian was subjected to severe beatings.

A Ghanaian young man claimed his penis had disappeared after Abdulai Abdul Ramani Ibrahim, a Nigerian touched him but medical examination proved otherwise.

Speaking in an interview with the media Chief David Ukueku, said constant media reports branding Nigerians as criminals were mostly false.

He indicated that though the media reported Abdulai, to be a Nigerian, it failed to report same that a Nigerian man was wrongly accused and beaten after the claim appeared to be false.

According to Chief Ukueku, Nigerian citizens were being subjected to harassment and victimised by some government authorities and the Ghanaian public most of the time.

He said admittedly Nigerians are loud however that shouldn’t be used to describe them negatively.

“We should know there are Ghanaians in Nigeria likewise there are Nigerians in Ghana here. If Nigerians here are not being treated very well they will go back to Nigeria and when they go back they see a Ghanaian they would want to still do the same treatment to the Ghanaian and things will escalate,” he stated.

“They should try to treat Nigerians fairly. The oppression on our people is just too much but we are pleading with the authorities they should take it easy with Nigerians. A lot of things are happening but we just don’t one to say,” he added.

He believed that not all Nigerians are good “but during police investigations to fish out the bad ones they shouldn’t use that as a yardstick to start maltreating all Nigerians”.

He urged the media to desist from targeting Nigerians and tagging them as criminals.