20.03.2024 Opinion

Save Ghana group stands firm against such manipulative tactics in Chiana-Paga constituency

By Hajj Seidu Sulemana
Save Ghana group stands firm against such manipulative tactics in Chiana-Paga constituency
20.03.2024 LISTEN

Amidst the political dynamics in Chiana-Paga Constituency, the Save Ghana group remains steadfast in its advocacy for change and progress.

The NPP's strategy of resorting to tribalism and divisive tactics reflects a desperate attempt to salvage their sinking image in the constituency. It is evident that their approach, driven by a self-centered leader entangled in familial disputes, only exacerbates existing tensions and undermines the democratic process.

The Save Ghana group stands firm against such manipulative tactics. They assert their independence and resilience, refusing to be cowed or controlled by external forces, regardless of their affiliation. The attempt by the NPP constituency chairman and his boys to exert undue influence over the political landscape is met with defiance from the Save Ghana group, who refuse to be treated as mere pawns in a political game.

The message to the NPP is clear: resorting to intimidation and manipulation will not deter the Save Ghana group from their mission. Instead, it only strengthens their resolve to uphold democratic values and advocate for the collective good of the constituency.

As the political landscape evolves, it becomes increasingly apparent that unity and inclusivity are essential pillars of progress. The Save Ghana group remains unwavering in their commitment to fostering a community built on solidarity and mutual respect, transcending the divisive tactics employed by the NPP.

In the face of adversity, the Save Ghana group stands as a testament to the power of grassroots activism and the unwavering spirit of those who refuse to be intimidated or silenced in their pursuit of a better future for all Ghanaians.

The NPP should heed the call to find a different strategy to salvage their sinking image in the constituency, one that transcends personal disputes and prioritizes the welfare of the Constituency The Save Ghana group's resilience and determination serve as a reminder that true progress is achieved through unity, not division, and that genuine change can only be realized when the voices of the people are heard and respected.

Hajj Seidu Sulemana
Chiana-Paga Constituency