Dr.Okoe Boye invests GHS100,000 in youth football in Teshie

  Tue, 19 Mar 2024
Social News Dr.Okoe Boye invests GHS100,000 in youth football in Teshie

Former Member of Parliament and Parliamentary Candidate for Ledzokuku Constituency, Dr. Okoe Boye, has extended a helping hand to six Teshie Division Two League clubs by donating GHS100,000 to support their football activities.

The beneficiary clubs include Sambo 4 FC, Kingdom FC, Sakora FC, RK 22 FC, Ga Dagme FC, and Accraen Verum Ippsuin FC.

The generous donation aims to alleviate financial constraints and enhance the football activities of these grassroots teams.

Dr. Okoe Boye, through the GARFA president and representatives from the clubs, identified areas where the funds would be most beneficial.

The contribution will cover expenses such as refereeing fees, football equipment, coach tactical boards, and jerseys, ensuring that the clubs have the necessary resources to thrive in their league competitions.

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