This You Must Know that; Politics of Fear Manipulates Us To Tribalism;

By Ghana Diaspora Youth Movement (Ghadym)
Commentary This You Must Know that; Politics of Fear Manipulates Us To Tribalism;
MAR 19, 2024 LISTEN

We know its a social norm for people to use fear for intimidation of the subordinates, enemies, and or for the shepherding of the tribe by the leaders.

In decades now, we have seen political leaders using fear by putting people behind bars, threats, murder, among others to control its populates from speaking or rising up against them.

There is a longstanding history of employing the fear of “the others,” turning humans into illogical ruthless weapons of self destruction in order to service to an ideology. Fear is a very strong tool that can blur humans’ logic and change their behavior and this has changed societies for the worst since globalism and distorted democracy.

Fear is arguably as old as life, but when it is weaponised to keep people bound to self sabotage, it becomes a problem one need to look closely at.

Fear is deeply ingrained in the living organisms that have survived extinction through billions of years of evolution. It is said that, its roots are deep in our core psychological and biological being, and it is one of our most intimate feelings as humans. Danger and war are as old as human history, and so are politics and religion we must admit.

Here are some fear based thoughts on how fear is abused in politics.

It is human tendency to fear the unknown and unfamiliar so this is one of the most popular ways politicians who want to exploit fear began it all: If one were to have been raised around people who look like them, had not listened to anything else other than spoken stories about a thing or a people, and heard all the time that those who look or think differently are enemies and are dangerous, the inherent fear and hatred toward those had never seen people is an understandable but flawed result.

To win people, politicians, especially with the media’s help, do their best to keep people separated, through divide and rule means, to ensure they have everyone under control.

It is understable that if people spent time together, talked and eat with each other, they will learn that other people are not any different: humans are equal in everyway, having strengths and weaknesses,... Some are strong, some are weak, some are funny, some are dumb, some are nice, some are mean, some stupid, some intelligent. All the attributes there are cuts across in varied degrees irrespective of where one comes from.

So we must understand that Fear is illogical and can be useful to us when we need to take a flight for our lives from an approaching lion but it is dumb to live in fear because politicians make you in order to control you.

Fear is simply illogical and the people who deploy it as a tool to control you do so because they think we are stupid” We humans have different functions in the brain, and fear oftentimes bypasses logic. There are of course several reasons. One is that logic is slow but fear is fast. In situations of danger, one ought to be fast: First run, kill before one should think. So the politicians in deploying fear as a tool to control,

Politicians and the media have taken to the notorious use of fear to circumvent the logic of people worldwide. An example of a successfully fearmongered war on mankind was Covid. Where fear was used to stop the world from everything just so to get them to lose the logic that viruses cannot be cured nor prevented from infesting people thus the proposing of vaccines was stupid.

Not even many learnered scientists and doctors could use logic in refference to what they claim they have known that viruses cannot be cured with anything because they are too intelligent so they mutate but the human immune system is more intelligent and so it has been the proven way to ensure the body fights against viruses.

Yet, these questions were not asked and those who expressed concerns and exercised logic were attacked by everyone, because fear bypasses logic.

But Fear when nurtured for a long time without care for cost and effect can turn violent.

There is a reason that the response to fear is called the “fight or flight” response. That response has helped us survive the predators and other tribes that have pursued to kill in wars among others.

But unfortunately, politicians have decided to use this loophole in human biology to abuse, turn on people to become aggressive and to turn on each other in all kinds of ways whether in the form of vandalizing, harassing on the social media among others.

When people are manipulated using fear because of someones ideologies manage to get hold of a people, what such a society would often experience is regress to illogical behaiviour, tribal and may in many ways become aggressive human animals, becoming weapons of self-destruction– weapons that politicians use for their own agenda.

This is the Diaspora Lens
By Ghana Diaspora Youth Movement
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